June 1, 2020

AMANA NED4655EW Front Load Electric Dryer Reviews in (2020)

Amana NED4655EW is the dryer for you if you are looking for an easy to operate and a budget-friendly washing machine.  The washing machine does not come with features to match other expensive dryers but it will work excellently for laundry tasks in many homes.

Choosing the right type of dryer.

How do you choose the best dryer for your laundry from the many in the market?   Here are some of the most crucial factors to look into before you can finally pay for that dryer.










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1. Electric or gas?

Electric dryers are the most common type of dryers you will come across when shopping for an ideal machine for your home. Gas dryers come with an electric motor but use natural gas as the main source of heat.

Gas dryers mainly use propane or natural gas. They cost more than their counterparts electric dryers.  However, they do not cost much to operate since they warm up fast. But as you know, the cost of operating any dryer depends on the energy prices where you live.

2. Installation

Before you buy any dryer, you will have to think about installation. The gas dryers will require a gas hookup while the electric dryers require a 240- Volt circuit installed in the laundry room.

You will have to factor in the cost of installing a gas line professionally if you do not have a gas hookup at home.  It is also advisable that you have a professional install your gas dryer if your home already has installed gas in the laundry room. This is to help you prevent any consequences of faulty installation which can lead to fire, explosion or carbon monoxide poisoning.

3. Capacity

There are several sizes of dryers in the market. There are compact sizes that are as small as 3.4 cu.ft as well as large-capacity dryers of 9cu.ft.  How do you decide which size is for you? A compact unit such as Amana NED4655EW is perfect for one or two people only washing light clothes. However, for anyone looking for a full-sized dryer for drying heavy items, they will have to factor in the size of their washer before they commit to buying a dryer.

One simple rule about buying a dryer for your washer is that your dryer should be twice in capacity size as your washer. The ratio of 1:2 makes it perfect since it gives your laundry enough room to dry without being squeezed thus saving you energy.

4. Storage space

Storage space is usually a concern in apartments, condos, and hostels.

Some washers and dryers can be stacked together hence saving you space. A stacking kit is a small metal plate that is screwed into the back of the stacked washer and dryer hence bracketing them together. Stack kits are cheap and necessary.

You may also get rid of the items that you don’t use in your laundry room to get enough space for your new dryer.

Here are the dryer’s features that make it irresistible for anyone looking for performance and convenience while still on budget.

1. Dryer sensor

This dryer boasts a sensor drying function that detects moisture levels so that the machine automatically shuts down when drying is done. This feature saves time and energy since the appliance is not running for a long time after your clothes are completely dry.

The machine boosts 11 dry cycles so that you have plenty of options to choose from to achieve desired results.

2. Anti-wrinkle feature

The anti-wrinkle features simply protect your clothes from wrinkles each time you dry them. This dryer can be set to clean and dry the clothes at the end of each cycle to eliminate the chances of wrinkling before you can get back to the appliance.

3. Impressive capacity

The dryer’s 6.5 cubic feet dryer will perfectly help you with your medium-sized laundry. Amazingly, the machine can easily fit into your laundry store.

4. Cooldown cycle

This feature works hand in hand with the anti-wrinkle function. The dryer simply allows your clothes to cool off thus preventing them from wrinkling.

5. Reversible door

You will love the flexibility of the dryer’s door. The door can be installed to swing either direction which facilitates more flexibility when installing the machine in small spaces. Even though this model gives you the option of choosing where to place the door hinge, we recommend you place the hinge on the side opposite your washer. This will prevent the door from being on your way when you want to transfer damp clothes from your washer into the dryer.

6. Time your cycle

The machine allows you to type in the time you need to have your clothes perfectly dried up.

7. Impressive control features

Amana NED4655EW boosts a sensor drying option as discussed above. Its temperature options include no- heat, low- heat, medium, and high options. The dryness levels include less dry, energy preferred and very dry. All these control options are accessible with the old- fashioned set of dials. This should not worry you at all, as the dryer will function excellently.

It is worth mentioning that this appliance lacks the safety extra features that usually come with the more costly options in the market. This means that you will have to remember to clean the lint- filter each time you use the dryer. Additionally, you will need to check the state of the ductwork.

8. Warranty

The dryer comes with a year warranty on everything with this appliance.

Our final words about Amana NED4655EW

This dryer is a wallet-friendly and manages to beat some of the more costly options. It is also modest and boosts several utmost features. Even if this machine is not as modern as its competitors, it features a large capacity and type of cycles that can handle a lot of laundry effortless.

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