July 11, 2020

Best Baby Cribs (2020) Buying Guide

Best baby cribs – what do you need to know

What kind of crib is best for your baby? And why should you get it?

Are you expecting a baby soon? Or have you just given birth to a new child? Then you will need a crib for them to sleep in!

A crib is a baby’s bed, with some added features. The most basic kind of crib is a frame with four walls on each size, which contains a mattress for a baby. Some other cribs have an additional feature, such as convertibility to a toddler bed or a built-in baby mobile. You should look for a crib that has the qualities that you have in mind.

If you are wondering, where you can purchase a baby’s crib, most specialty, and baby stores will have cribs for sale. And you can readily ask the salespeople, what kind of baby crib model is best to buy. You can also look in furniture stores because these kinds of stores will typically carry the basic models of baby cribs. However, if you want to save a lot of money, you should buy the best baby cribs online. You can get a lot of great deals and save a lot of money if you choose to buy baby cribs from online stores.

Why should you buy Reasons for buying a crib for your baby:

1. Investment

Consider all the months that your baby will be sleeping in that crib, in most cases; babies will typically use the crib for up to 24 months. And even toddlers can use cribs because some crib models are convertible to toddler beds. In those two years, of your child, sleeping in a crib, you will get a lot of use out of your baby crib. So think of getting a baby crib as an investment to make for

2. Safety

There are so many reasons, why your child should not sleep in a normal bed. For one thing, they could fall off! A crib will be a safer option for your child to sleep in because it has got the four walls to prevent your child from falling or rolling off the bed. And when you put a toddler in the crib for an afternoon nap, they can be prevented from leaving the bed. You could stop them from getting into things that they are not supposed to when you let them sleep in a crib.

3. Independence

Do you want your child to learn how to sleep by themselves? Then you should let them start early, by giving them a crib to sleep in. If you get them a crib to sleep in, then they will learn to sleep by themselves while they are still very young. Sleeping with your kids in the same bed can be a good thing, but you must not let it go for too long. If kids sleep in your bed every night, then they will never learn to sleep by themselves.

4. Comfort

It is more comfortable for children to sleep in a crib than a bed. This is because a crib can have additional features, such as a baby mobile, that can entertain the child. Babies also feel safer, when they are surrounded by four walls. And you will also feel more comfortable with the fact that children will be asleep in a safer kind of bed because you will have peace of mind that they are sleeping in a safe crib.

When you buy a crib, there are a few things that you have to remember. There are certain qualities that you have to look for when you purchase cribs for your baby. These are the essential crib qualities that you should look at when picking a crib for your baby. You should always get the best baby crib when you are going to purchase one.


Check the size of the crib you buy; cribs can come in all different sizes. The crib that you buy should be big enough to fit the kind of mattress you want your child to sleep on. You should also get a crib that will fit a child comfortably even until they are toddlers. There are even cribs that can be used as day beds, allowing bigger kids or small people to lounge in them.


You should also buy a crib that is stable. Shake the crib around when you are inspecting it, if it rocks around, you may want to skip buying it. A stable crib will be ideal because children might have a disruption during their sleep when they are using the crib. Kids will also feel safer and sleep more soundly if they are asleep in a stable crib.


Inspect the crib to see if it is durable. A durable crib should be constructed out of high-grade material. And it should also be constructed using a stable design. You should have a durable crib because you will have a child sleeping in it. And ideally, a baby crib should be used nightly for two years or more, so of course, you will want it to last, which a durable crib can do.


The design of the crib is important too! Even if it does not seem like a factor that is too important, it should still be factored in when choosing a crib. You should pick out a baby crib that fits in well with the design of the room you are putting it in. It should also have a design and look that is pleasing to you.


There are multiple kinds of baby cribs that each has different functions and features. Some baby cribs will be convertible, being able to be used as toddler beds, day beds or even full-sized kids beds. There are also cribs with different functions for their walls, such as a crib that can have its sides lowered, or its rails used to keep toddlers in. Some baby cribs will also have additional features such as baby mobiles, which will keep your baby happy and entertained.

Safety features:

Most baby products and even cribs have to meet a strict safety standard set up by the government or governing authority. Most governments, including Canada and the US, have strict safety protocols for manufacturers of baby products. There is also an association that rigorously tests baby products for safety, and this organization is called the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA). When you are buying a baby crib, you should look for a product with the JPMA seal of approval. A crib with that approval, with be safer to use.

Ease of assembly:

When you are buying a crib, you will usually have to install it by yourself. There are also some stores, where you buy the crib from, who will offer additional home assembly or installation for you. If you do not want to spend a lot of time learning how to assemble a baby crib, then you should buy a crib that is easy to put together. Most baby cribs will be fairly easy to assemble, requiring you only to have a screwdriver and to read the instruction manual that the crib will come with. A crib should be easy to put together because it can be frustrating dealing with a crib that is difficult to assemble.


And finally, the factor that you must no overlook is cost. You should have a budget in mind when you are shopping for a baby crib. And you should also stick to that budget when you are going to buy a baby crib. Of course, you should not sacrifice quality for the price. You should still pay the right amount of money if you want the best baby crib. However, the price is not everything, and you should still be aware that you can still get a good quality baby crib for a good price.

If you are still searching for the best baby crib to purchase, then you can look at various reviews that are posted by other buyers online. You can use these reviews to get a good gauge of what to expect when you are going to shop for baby cribs. You can also use this post’s criteria to have a better idea of what kind of crib you should buy. Using these various qualities of good baby cribs, you can compare the different models of baby cribs, and then from the ones that you have read reviews about, select the best kind of baby crib that you can purchase.

Now, that you know all there is to learn about a baby’s crib, you should be able to better pick out the right one for yourself or your child. After reading this post, you should know why it is important to get your young child a crib to sleep in. And if you are convinced that you should get one, you must buy a crib right now if you already have got a baby. Using all of these qualities for picking out the right crib, you should be better equipped to buy the best crib for your child.

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