May 8, 2021

Best CPAP Pillow For Side Sleepers – Good News For Sleep Apnea Patients

Every individual have different sleeping patterns and sleeping patterns develops naturally along with their growth. You can find different types of pillows matching to your sleeping patterns and individual aid pillows to support CPAP mask users who suffer sleeping disorders. For people who are facing sleeping difficulties, it is better to have the best CPAP pillow for side sleepers that can support them to have a comfortable sleep during their sleeping hours.

If you are comfortable with using the mask while sleeping, you do not need CPAP pillows. But if you are in need of one, you might require assistance in choosing the right pillow because there are so many varieties available. This article is a quick guide, which will help you to choose the best CPAP pillow.

What must you know about the best CPAP pillow for side sleepers before buying it?

Before buying a CPAP pillow for side sleeping, you need to figure out whether you really need one or not. If you sleep on your back, you will never experience with mask leak issues, and you never need a CPAP pillow.

There are different types of CPAP nasal pillows for side sleepers, and you need to choose one according to your requirements. Contour shape pillow is the standard model, it helps to correct your spine, and it is beneficial for both side and back sleepers. The shape of the pillow helps the mask to be in touch with your bed, and it will be intact. Another type is the standard pillow, which looks exactly like an ordinary pillow, but it differs in its filling.

Most of the CPAP pillows made by using either buckwheat or has a mix of buckwheat and memory foam. CPAP mask users must use pillows, which have a medium level of firmness. Most of the pillows designed for CPAP users are generally of medium firmness so that the pillow press does not lead to mask leaks. You can easily open the pillow and remove the stuffing material to adjust the firmness.

Who is the targeted CPAP pillow for side sleeper user?

Continuous positive airway pressure therapy or CPAP is a type of treatment for sleep apnea, and the patients have to wear special masks while sleeping. The mask ensures the steady supply of air pressure using a mask, hose, and a nosepiece. Some of the common problems experienced by CPAP users are the leaky mask and the uncomfortable feeling of wearing a mask while sleeping.

CPAP pillow for side sleeper is for CPAP users to provide comfortable sleep and to avoid mask leakage at night. The CPAP pillows designed by keeping in mind the needs of both side and stomach sleepers. It is not of much use for those who sleep on their back. CPAP pillows have special cutouts for ears, which are an excellent feature.

If you are comfortable with using CPAP mask along with your current pillow, then you do not need CPAP pillow. However, if you are somebody who suffers from mask leak because of pillow press, you might need this pillow.

Why CPAP pillow is good for side sleepers

If you are CPAP mask user and a side sleeper, you know how difficult it is to sleep with a mask on your face. Whenever you try to change your side, you might experience mask leakage. Even if you manage to find a comfortable position, you might wake up with neck or shoulder pain as your head was not in the proper position.

Some of the CPAP users are hesitant to spend extra money on buying a special pillow because they have already paid a lot on CPAP machine. However, the best CPAP nasal pillow for side sleepers is also essential for getting the whole benefits of the treatment.

Some of the benefits of using CPAP pillows are

  • It provides better comfort during sleep
  • Reduces the pressure on your neck, face and mask
  • Improves body support and spine alignment
  • Helps with mask leaks

What is the best CPAP pillow for side sleepers?

Best CPAP pillows are those pillows can provide adequate support to use CPAP mask, which can reduce pressure on the neck, back neck, face, and mask. It must be able to provide body and spine support. In addition, it should have the ability to resist the CPAP mask leak. The patients must be able to fill up or remove the fibers to adjust the firmness of the pillow and pillow cover must be machine washable.

Here, we are going to discuss about two CPAP pillows for side sleepers UK that is popular among CPAP users

CPAP fit CPAP Pillow–Cool, Dry, Comfortable & Adjustable for Sleep Apnea

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The best thing about this pillow for the side sleeper with CPAP is that the design creation is by a CPAP patient, and it has undergone many improvements based on the feedbacks of other CPAP users. Due to this reason, it is the best pillow for a CPAP user because its design features are meeting the vital needs of CPAP patients.

High-quality Buckwheat filling

The material used for stuffing is modified buckwheat, and it is a 3-layer design with a quilted shell. Buckwheat is popular for its antimicrobial properties, easily shapeable feature, hypoallergenic and it always stays fresh.

Easy to adjust the thickness

The unique filling of the CPAP pillow for side sleepers makes sure that it stays in place even when you change your side. It correctly fills the space between shoulder and neck and provides a better alignment to your whole body so that you do not wake up with pain anywhere. You can adjust the thickness of the pillow by removing or filling the foam.

Extra filling

You can go for some extra fiber filling so that the pillow never looks flat. The features to fill extra foam are good for people who like a densely filled pillow.


  • Additional support for side and back sleepers
  • Pressure-free mask zone
  • Proper neck positioning
  • Proper spine alignment
  • It can customize according to the need of the patient
  • Helps with allergies

It is an ideal pillow for sleep apnea sufferers who need to take CPAP therapy. The CPAP pillows are hypoallergenic and come with soft polyester fiber and foam. Patients can remove or fill up the pillow fiber as per their comfort and for users convenience, the pillow cover comes with a zipping opening. The resilient features let it regain its original shape even if you use heavy weight on it. While buying a CPAP pillow make sure that it has the provision to accommodate the type of CPAP mask you are using. However, it is better to seek your doctor’s advice before you make a final decision and make sure the pillow has the features that can meet your personal requirements.

Science of Sleep SleePAP CPAP Pillow

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If you have used many different pillows and you still search for the best CPAP pillow for side sleepers, then this pillow is for you. The Science of Sleep SleePAP CPAP Pillow is the best pillow for you if you are a side or stomach sleeper. It is America’s No: 1 selling CPAP pillow and has an exclusive design for accommodating your mask. You can easily adjust the thickness by removing excess material. You can easily carry it wherever you go as it easily fits into your luggage.

Soft polyester filling

The pillow comes with soft hypoallergenic polyester fill, and it is ideal for sleep apnea patients. It cradles your head while you slip into deep sleep and helps you to have a sound sleep.

Balance the firmness

The pillow comes with a zip opening, which lets the user adjust the firmness of the pillow by adding more polyester filling. The fiber filling is simple, and you can do it by yourself.

Removable pillowcase

It comes with a removable zip pillow cover. The cover comes with polyester and cotton blend fabric and easily machine washable.


  • Provides comfort and support
  • Help in keeping your CPAP mask in place while you sleep
  • Prevents mask leak effectively
  • Ideal for back, side and stomach sleepers

The Science of Sleep SleePAP CPAP Pillow designed to meet the basic discomfort of CPAP users. Whatever be your sleep pattern, the pillow can offer you tight sleep throughout the night. It is ideal for people who are suffering from sleep apnea or any other sleep disorders. The pillow can hold the CPAP mask properly during sleep. It prevents pressure leaks and the featuring voids on both sides of the pillow support CPAP masks.


In the article, we have covered two superb CPAP pillows and both these pillows are classic in its features and performance. The best CPAP pillow for side sleepers plays a significant role in CPAP treatment. Some of the CPAP patients are not aware of the importance of using a unique pillow. You might have to experiment with a few pillows to find one that satisfies your needs. However, before you take a final call, consult with your doctor and decide on the CPAP pillow that can meet your basic requirements.

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