July 10, 2020

Best Cruiser Bikes 2020 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Depending on your needs, biking is a terrific transportation option. It’s faster than walking, it can help you avoid being dependent on public transit, and it’s far more economical than a car. Riding the Best Cruiser Bikes is a great exercise and fun recreation. Commuting to work on a bicycle saves you from interminable traffic jams (and your coworkers will think you’re a badass!).

The Best Cruiser Bikes (also known as a beach cruiser) is a terrific entry-level bicycle. With simple and unfussy components, this kind of bike tends to be quite cheap and affordable. They’re the ideal bike for casual riding around town or short commutes. They are generally very low-effort when pedaling on flat surfaces. Maintenance costs are low, and the best cruiser bike’s simplicity means you can do most maintenance on your own with ease.

Here are some distinguishing features of the best cruiser bicycle. They generally have a heavy steel frame and relatively large “balloon” tires, both of which offer improved stability and durability.  Swept-back handlebars allow a natural upright riding position, reducing pressure on your back. The saddle is usually wider and more accommodating to people of all shapes and sizes. A cruiser bike typically has a coaster-style brake. That is a type of brake that is activated simply by applying backward pressure to the pedals. Because they are meant for light, casual riding, many cruiser bikes have only one speed, so no gear shift to worry about. But some best cruiser bikes are available with a gear shift that provides 3 or 7 speeds.

How to shop

know-how and where you plan to use your new bike. Will you prioritize quality or affordability? If you plan to ride on mostly flat surfaces, you can most likely get by with a single gear. If you plan to have more of a variety of riding experiences, you may want to opt for a model that has multiple gears available. Many best cruiser bikes are available in both men’s and women’s models. But generally, there is not much difference in the functionality. Bike makers design women’s bikes that offer a shorter top tube and many comfort/cruiser bikes built for women may also provide more stand-over clearance. Choose the bike that fits your preferences best.

Prudent accessories to have included a helmet, headlamp, bell/whistle, front and rear lights, and a water bottle. Any kind of knapsack or carry-all will be very useful for toting your essentials, either by carrying it on your back or strapping it to the bike. Pack a spare tube, portable pump, and any light tools required to make a quick fix on the go. Wear bright and visible clothing (such as a safety vest) and suitable close-toed shoes with gripping rubber soles. Some of these items may be required by law in your area, so check with your local police department if you aren’t sure of the rules of the road.

Your bike will be shipped to you and will probably come partially assembled. For assembling your bike, some sellers offer free assembly. Some offer assembly for an additional cost. Some offer no assembly. In any event, be prepared to do some assembly yourself, or you can locate a local bike shop in your area who can do the work for you.

The guide below highlights some of the best cruiser bikes for men and women that we’ve identified.

1. 26″ Huffy Nel Lusso Cruiser Bike

NEW! 26" Huffy Nel Lusso Women's Cruiser Bike, Yellow


The Huffy Nel Lusso Cruiser Bike is available in both men’s and women’s styles. This stylish bicycle meets all the basic requirements a casual rider has for affordability, comfort, and simplicity. The men’s version comes only in black, and the women’s version comes in blue or yellow.

When you use the Nel Lusso Cruiser bike, the ride is said to be as smooth as a Cadillac. The steel frame radiates strength and confidence. The cruiser tires are paired with corrosion-resistant alloy rims for unsurpassed handling in all weather conditions. Easy and intuitive cruiser brakes respond promptly. Sturdy fenders contribute to a classically high-end look, while also preventing splashing of water and mud. With no gear-shifting to concern yourself with, your riding experience will be very smooth and worry-free. This is a bike designed for durability and longevity.

What puts Huffy in a class of their own is their attention to the smaller details. You will enjoy a comfortable and luxurious ride thanks to the saddle equipped with springs and dense padding. Double density grips and pedals are the top in their class for unsurpassed comfort. Added amenities for your convenience include a beverage holder, wire basket, and adjustable rear rack.

Satisfied consumers love this bike for its high quality and terrific handling. Overall, the Huffy Nel Lusso Cruiser Bike is an excellent choice if you want a stylish and affordable bike with quality construction for your about-town adventures.

2. Fito Marina Alloy Beach Cruiser

Fito Marina Alloy Beach Cruiser


The Fito Marina Alloy Beach Cruiser is a premium bike available for men or women, in multiple colors. Three gear speed options are available (1, 3, or 7 speeds). With so many options, you are sure to find the right model that meets your needs for performance, based on how you plan to ride it. It is a smaller bike perfect for the more petite customer. Fito recommends a maximum weight of 200lb.

The Fito Marina Alloy Beach Cruiser stands out from other cruising bikes with its lightweight aluminum alloy frame. The aluminum alloy is resistant to rust and corrosion. The lower weight means that this lightweight bike will be easy to transport and ready to travel. A one-piece forged crank arm and a crank forward design contributes to effortless pedaling. Enjoy this bike’s unsurpassed responsiveness and handling. The Fito Marina Alloy Beach Cruiser includes 26” whitewall tires with aluminum alloy rims and stainless steel spokes, which will have you traveling in elegant style. You’ll get a comfortable and smooth ride with an oversized dual-spring suspension leather saddle and rubber grips. A fender set is available, sold separately.

Consumers love the maneuverability and great performance of the Fito Marina Alloy Beach Cruiser. The Fito Marina Alloy Beach Cruiser is designed with top-shelf components for quality construction and functionality. The high quality and performance are well worth the extra cost.

3. Zycle Fix Classic Women’s Beach Cruiser

Zycle Fix Women's Classic Lady Minty Beach Cruiser


The Zycle Fix Classic Beach Cruiser entices and draws you in with its retro-inspired style. The design mimics a 1970s cruiser but with a modern twist. The Classic Beach Cruiser is available for both men and women, with whitewall tires and a variety of fun and eye-catching colors.

The Zycle Fix Classic Beach Cruiser is a good entry bike for the casual rider. It all starts with a high-tensile steel frame, fully tig-welded, that provides strength and durability. Its shock-absorbing qualities will give you a smooth and stress-free riding experience. 26” Ponely whitewall tires, with anodized aluminum rims, are engineered for the best performance and maneuverability. The uncomplicated coaster brakes and single speed will have a novice rider rolling along like a pro in no time. If your goal is comfort, the Zycle Fix Classic is designed with top-shelf components to reduce strain and provide a pampered, luxurious ride. The bike comes with bow-tie flat foot WELL GO pedals, and a wide spring saddle and cruiser bar.

Overall this is a well-crafted, leisurely bike with gorgeous lines. The casual rider will be well pleased with the reliability and low-effort performance. And with the beautiful classic low profile and popping colors, you’re sure to turn heads as you cruise down the boardwalk.

4. Northwoods Pomona Women’s Cruiser Bike

Northwoods Pomona Women's Cruiser Bike, 26-Inch


The Northwoods Pomona Cruiser Bike, from Kent, is available for both men and women. This practical bicycle doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles, but you can be sure it is reliable and affordable.

The Northwoods Pomona bike frame is constructed of dual-suspension aluminum alloy. It will resist corrosion, and the patented construction helps reduce vibrations from rough roads and absorb impact from ruts and cracks.  A 7-speed twist shifter and Shimano rear derailleur provide flexibility in navigating a changing terrain. You can ride up hills with ease. The ability to change gear speeds, even on even surfaces, changes the intensity of your pedaling, helping to reduce muscle fatigue. This bike is equipped with 26″ aluminum 36-spoke wheels with custom-designed tires, providing nimble and agile handling. Linear-pull brakes are quite powerful, even on slick surfaces, and ideal for all-around riding.

Overall, the Northwoods Pomona Cruiser Bike is very cost-effective and one of the best cheap beach cruiser bikes on the market. For the casual or commuter rider, this is an excellent choice if you want a practical, affordable, versatile bike with quality construction.

5. sixthreezero Around The Block Men’s 26-Inch Single Speed Cruiser Bike

sixthreezero Around The Block Men's 26-Inch Single Speed Cruiser Bike, Matte Black, 18" / One Size


The “Around the Block” model from sixthreezero is a classic single-speed cruiser bike ideal for casual, comfortable riding around the neighborhood. It is also available in a women’s style with several color options. This practical bicycle may not have the latest high-tech gadgets or amenities, but the trade-off is that it is reliable as well as affordable.

Sometimes less is more. Sixthreezero kept this bike simple and straightforward but used top-shelf components to produce a durable, high-quality bike. The 19” durable steel frame is constructed with classic lines to have you traveling in elegant style. The simplicity of the single-speed gear system and the coaster braking system equates to low maintenance and ease of use. 26” wide whitewall tires with a waffle tread have improved grip and a reduction in impact from ruts and cracks. This bike is built for all sizes (5’0 to 6’2, up to 300lb) with the adjustable seat and handlebars. The upright riding position feels more natural and reduces strain. The cushioned saddle and high-density foam grips are best-in-class amenities designed for unsurpassed riding experience.

You will find that the Around the Block model from sixthreezero has everything you could want in a casual bike. It meets all the basic requirements a casual rider has for affordability, comfort, and simplicity.  Overall, this is an excellent choice for a practical, well-constructed bike that won’t bust your budget.

6. Critical Cycles Chatham Beach Cruiser

Critical Cycles Chatham Beach Cruiser Women's 26" Single-Speed, Seafoam


The Chatham Beach Cruiser from Critical Cycles is available for in both men’s and women’s styles in multiple colors.  There are three gear options (single-speed, 3-speed, and 7-speed), ensuring that no matter what your riding needs, you will be able to find the best option for riding around town, on campus, or on the boardwalk.

The hand-built steel frame provides improved stability and durability, as well as superior shock absorption and a smoother ride. The mixte-frame enables easy mounting and dismounting. The wide Wanda tires have improved grip, even on wet surfaces. These shock-absorbing tires help reduce vibrations from ruts and rough surfaces. Stop on a dime by pedaling backward to activate the coaster brake. Note that the 7-speed version comes with Promax Alloy V-brakes instead. You will be able to ride in unsurpassed comfort due to the cushy grips, plush padded Coastal Comfort saddle, and the high wingback handlebars that enable a low-stress upright riding position. Improved pedals are lightweight and durable, engineered for the best performance and maneuverability.

This practical bicycle doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles, but you have to agree that it is reliable and affordable. It is designed with durable components for quality construction and functionality. Overall the Chatham Beach Cruiser is a well-crafted bike with tons of charisma, at a very reasonable price point. Critical Cycles recommends a weight limit of 220lb.

7. Kent Oakwood Men’s Cruiser Bike, 26-Inch


The Kent Oakwood 26” Cruiser Bike is a beach cruiser bike that is durable enough to handle longer trips. Cruise around town to the coffee shop, or use it as your daily commuter bike.  Kent has designed this bike for longevity and unsurpassed performance. A women’s version is also available.

The Kent Oakwood Cruise Bike was designed with a cruiser-style bike frame for easy mounts and dismounts. But instead of steel, this frame is made of lightweight, non-corrosive aluminum for easier transport. The wheels are 26” with 36-spoke alloy rims, providing excellent responsiveness and handling. Unlike many bikes on this list, this bike has a 7-speed twist shifter and Shimano rear derailleur. This allows improved versatility and maneuverability on a variety of road surfaces as well as hilly terrain. Front and rear caliper brakes are quite powerful, even on slick surfaces, and ideal for all-around riding. The handlebars are best-in-class, enabling a natural upright riding position.

Consumers praise The Kent Oakwood Cruiser Bike’s low-effort performance and its exceptional maneuverability. The bike’s large profile is suitable for persons of size. Overall this is a well-crafted, high-performance bike, and you’ll be satisfied with its handling and reliability.

8. Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycle


The Firmstrong Urban line of beach cruisers is available in both Lady’s and Men’s styles, in a variety of colors and three gear speeds (single, 3-speed, or 7-speed). With so many options to choose from, you’ll be able to identify the right bike for your needs, whether you just want to cruise around on errands or want the flexibility to ride on longer commutes and more challenging terrain.

Firmstrong Urban Beach Cruisers are constructed with a steel frame in a step-thru cruiser design. 26” Kenda whitewall balloon tires will provide a smoother, more assured ride, and their width makes them extra durable and steady. Seat and handlebar are fully adjustable in both height and tilt, to accommodate riders of all sizes. Firmstrong’s attention to smaller details puts them in a class of their own. They thoughtfully include a dual-spring oversized seat and handlebars with high-density foam grips. The upright riding position feels more natural and reduces strain.

The single-gear version of this bike will require extremely low maintenance. The uncomplicated function of the single-speed, as well as coaster-style brakes, is perfect for the novice or casual users. But if you are looking for a bike with more versatility, opt for the 3-speed or 7-speed. For a small additional cost, you will have many more options and be able to take your bike on longer trips and greater distances. The Shimano gear-shifting system is a popular and high-performance feature to provide an unparalleled riding experience. The multi-speed bikes are equipped with Alloy V-brakes, which provide powerful stopping capability.

Firmstrong has been in business for 10 years, producing bikes that perform well and provide great value. They are well respected for their excellent customer service and quality products. Consumers love the Urban bike cruiser and praise its smooth ride and ease of assembly.

9. Columbia 1952, 26-Inch Men’s Red Cruiser Bicycle


As a bike manufacturer, Columbia has a rich history. They produced the first bicycles in the US, all the way back in the 1800s. Over the years, despite their quality and style, they were eclipsed by other brands for a time. Now Columbia is back to write a new chapter in their history, with gorgeous reproductions of some of their most popular models.

The Columbia 1952 Men’s Red Cruiser Bicycle (also available in women’s) is a beautiful reproduction of the original Columbia 1952 model. You will really feel like you’ve traveled back in time on this bike. This stylish vintage-style beauty is sure to arouse envy in everyone you meet. Charming retro features include a classic steel tank, a bullet-style headlight (takes modern LED bulb!), and pinstriped fenders.

The Columbia Red Cruiser Bicycle doesn’t just have the looks; it has the quality construction and handling underneath. A high-tensile steel frame is engineered for durability and longevity. The bike is also equipped with a steel suspension fork and suspension spring front shock, designed to maximize stability and control. Being a single speed, this bike is easy to operate and will require less maintenance. Coaster-style brakes provide intuitive and precise stopping power. 26” whitewall balloon tires are quite stable and provide an excellent smooth ride. A more comfortable riding experience comes from the ultra-wide embossed saddle and the natural upright riding position. What puts Columbia in a class of their own, is their attention to the smaller details. Convenient amenities include fenders and a built-in rear rack.

If you are feeling nostalgic for the bikes of yore, you will love the amazing Columbia 1952 Red Cruiser Bicycle with tons of visual appeal. You are sure to attract the notice of everyone on your block. Enjoy a comfortable, easy-going ride for casual trips.

10. Margaritaville Coast Is Clear Beach Cruiser Bike


The Margaritaville Coast is Clear Cruiser Bicycle is a cruiser bike with commuter performance. It is available in both men’s and women’s styles. The Margaritaville Cruiser Bike comes equipped with a Shimano 7-speed drivetrain with Revo twist shifters in the handlebars. 7-speeds allows for improved versatility and handling on any kind of terrain. Cruise around town or use as a commuter bike. Ride on rougher terrain and go up and downhills. Even on a flat surface, being able to shift gears changes the intensity and helps reduce muscle strain.

The Margaritaville Cruiser Bicycle has a lightweight aluminum frame but is styled in a classic cruiser step-thru style. Alloy rims and full-graphic fenders complete the classic cruiser look. Mount and dismount with ease thanks to the low standover height.  Pedaling is easier with the lighter frame, as is transport. Alloy front and rear side pull brakes are ideal for all-around riding, giving excellent and precise stopping power. 26” balloon style tires provide unsurpassed responsiveness and durability. The Margaritaville Cruiser Bicycle is packed with amenities, depending on which style you select. Available conveniences may include a bottle opener, basket, and cup holder. You’ll be pleased with a luxurious and strain-free ride, thanks to an upright riding position and deluxe soft padded seat and grips.

The Margaritaville Cruiser Bicycle is the perfect bike for you if you need high-performance and quality construction at a bargain price. Ride in comfort with a bike that can go the distance for your transportation needs. This mid-range bicycle meets all the basic requirements a casual rider has for affordability, comfort, and simplicity.

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