June 1, 2020

Top 8 Best Front Load Washing Machine Expert’s Review in (2020)

Choosing the best front load washing machine especially the most convenient and adequate washer for his needs is not an easy task! but we made it as easy as drinking water!
That’s why we took this responsibility and assigned this task to our experts to choose the best of the best machines in the market, and to reveal to you the secrets of the trending models, also to decrypt the technical code of the laundry world!

This a list of what we chose for you depending on your budget, space, needs and personal requirements.

Also, in this list we’ve included only front load washing machines “except one” because they offer many advantages and features over the top load washers, they are energy-efficient ” will help you make some economies”, clean deeply and protect the fabric “gentle cleaning no wrinkles ”

As a consumer what are the specific features to consider?

There are some key features that are important when choosing a front load washing machine.

The Material of the drum and tube, stainless steel tubs are the most durable and support high spinning speeds, the plastic and porcelain enamel are cheaper offers lower quality than the stainless steel.

Wash settings and cleaning programs there are 2 types preset and customized, also with rotary controls or a touchscreen, the first one is the cheapest.

Also, the spin cycle is an important factor to consider, and you need to know that the higher the RPM the better it will dry your laundry.

Temperature control is a must, nowadays the built-in heater is the best choice. The steam settings also is an important feature, which eliminates dirt and stains.

Another feature is the fuzzy logic technology that determines the weight o laundry loads and chooses the best program for the cleaning cycle. Also how much water and detergent needed to get the best washing results with optimal savings.

Pre-soak a time delay allows you to schedule the washing machine to start at a specified time, for example, if you want to avoid the noise at certain times.

1. Electrolux Titanium Front Load 

Electrolux Titanium Front Load 

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The king of front-load machines “Electrolux Titanium EFLS627UTT is here with the queen EFME627UTT 27 Electric Dryer, this pair is the successor of the best seller Electrolux 617 series.
The Electrolux’s Front Load Washer is powered by the LuxCare® wash system and the most effective stain-removing with SmartBoost, compared to the high end of the washing machines market the Electrolux 627’s wowed us with the innovation and its wide variation of cleaning options.

With options like Sanitize and Steam, Extended Refresh, Stain Soak, 15-minutes fast Wash and other options Electrolux is giving consumers not only a modern design, a robust front load washing machine but also everything they want for any situation.

Also, this washing laundry machine has a special spot in the dispenser for detergent pods that ensure the regular distribution of the detergent so that’s every piece of clothes gets the same amount of soap.
The Electrolux EFLS627UTT combined with The Electric dryer EFME627UTT is the best choice for “front load washing machine with a dryer” this dryer is called the queen due to his elegance and attractive design, it offers a great variety of special cycles, programs, and steam modes.

The only thing to regret about this machine that it’s not the fastest one “it dries slowly” on its category neither the most capable one, also the lack of illumination and smart control features.


  • The most effective stain-removing washer with SmartBoost
    • World’s 1st dispenser designed for PODS
    • 15-Minute Fast Wash
  • Plenty of advanced features

Cons :

  • slow drying
  • lack of illumination and smart control features

2. Speed Queen Top Load LWN432SP115TW01

Speed Queen Top Load LWN432SP115TW01

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Built to last! Speed Queen the Queen washing machine always the in the best front load list of washers! but this time these pairs come with a top loader washer + a front load dryer.  Speed Queen washing machines are among the more reliable brands, according to Consumer Reports Annual Product Reliability Survey. So it’s not surprising for this washer to provide the best performance and superior wash results, it is a commercial-grade made with metal and not plastic.

Automatic balancing suspension is a must in the new models of Speed Queen washing machines this technology complete wash cycles without any interruption.

Some technicals aspects of this model are interesting like the 710 Rpms Extract Spin clothes out dryer, the 210 agitation stroke that the washing machine agitator provides to offer superior washability. Although all these technologies and the 3.19 capacity that can support up to 16 lbs of clothes the water and energy consumption is low!

On another hand, the Commercial dryer Front-load LDE30RGS173TW01 is not the best of the front load washing machine dryers but It provides an efficient and fast dry cycle and a high-efficiency exhaust blower with an airflow of 220 cfm / 105 liters/second.

Another advantage of this dryer is the space-saving cabinet but wit an Extra large capacity of 7.0 cu.

Pros :

  • Durability – long-lasting life estimated
  • A reliable brand
  • The best performance and superior cleaning results

Cons :

  • Not the best dryer of its category

3. GE GFW450SSMWW Front Load Steam Washer

GE GFW450SSMWW Front Load Steam Washer

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One of the most trusted names in the US and one of the best front load steam washing machine “considering the load capacity”.
GE is known for its exceptional quality and up to date technology, this time GE offers us this precious jewelry with advanced features like tumble care, delay start and personalized cycles with special stain settings.

Considering it’s cleaning performance we can say it’s not the front load washing machine in the mid-range category, but the GE GFW450SSMWW is offering a satisfying result with its big load capacity and more cycles.

But everything has its price you need to keep in mind that the washer is larger and occupy a little more space than other washing machines, also it’s electricity consumption is a little higher due to larger drum capacity.

In general, this machine is more versatile than other models “energy savers” and its stain removal guide will help you clean some specifics stubborn stains even grass!
for large families it’s considered a very good choice, with a generous drum capacity, satisfying washing results, and water/energy saver ! what a good deal!


  • Larger drum capacity with more cycles
    • A trusted name in the US with quality appliances
    • Comes with advanced features like Stain removal


  • Higher electricity consumption
    • Old fashioned design

4. LG WM3500CW White Front Load Washer

LG WM3500CW White Front Load Washer

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Most of the times it’s hard to choose between all these best front load washing machines that’s all those fabricants pretend to be the number 1
But for this LG Ultra-large capacity washer with 4.5 cu.ft it’s hard to ignore the charm of this smart machine

The first thing to notice is its extra-wide door opening and the generous capacity of the drum.
The bright side of this laundry washer is the SmartThinQ technology provided by LG, using this technology you can enjoy some remotely features like the SmartDiagnosis that helps the service center diagnose the problem with a simple app.

Also, this Technology lets you start and stop wash cycles remotely, get notifications when laundry is done and much more. So laundry is becoming a kid game with LG.
Unfortunately, this model doesn’t come with steam cycle meanwhile there are some interesting features that provide this washer like ColdWash Technology that gives you warm water performance with cold water savings.

Other features like the LG TrueBalance a system designed to reduce front load washing machines vibrations to enjoy a quiet and silent performance. Also, the variety of modes and programs help fit everyone’s needs and for every situation, for example. The LG SpeedWash cycle can clean a small load of laundry in a time record of 15 minutes.

This LG front load washer is considered the perfect choice for small/medium families with a variety of personal requirements.


• An entry-level front load washing machine with wifi connectivity and smart technology
• Energy-saving up to 30 thanks to ColdWash technology
• All the trending features included on this washer


• No Steam cycle available

5. Bosch WAT28401UC 500 2.2 Cu. Ft. White Stackable Front Load Washer

Bosch WAT28401UC 500 2.2 Cu. Ft. White Stackable Front Load Washer

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This Bosch WAT28401UC is the creme of the crop in the front load washing machines. The best performance with a compact style, modern design, and innovative technology.
Even you can install it everywhere thanks to its compact design, this amazing washer has a large capacity and comes with an innovative raindrop pattern that protects your precious clothes and offers an astonishing cleaning experience.

This model comes with the Active water and EcoPerfect technology, these technologies help reduce water and electricity consumption, also It is ENERGY STAR Certified.

While it is efficient enough to get the ENERGY STAR Certification, it is not the most efficient and does not offer the best performance in front load washing machine s. The lower water and electricity consumption is related to the fact that this is a low-capacity machine with a 2.2 cu.ft drum size.

But Bosch never stops amazing us with the latest technologies in this front load washing machine that comes with the SpeedPerfect technology, this one provides a faster washing time up to 40 so you can wash more and more laundries in less time.

The best thing on this front load washing machine is it contains an internal water heater, and this is an advantage compared to other models.


• Stackable and Compact style with a reasonable capacity
• The uncommon internal water heater is a plus

Cons :

• Not for big families – the machine capacity is not the best on this category

6. Crossover Non-Metered 120 Volts Front Load Washer 

Crossover Non-Metered 120 Volts Front Load Washer 

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Looking for a professional long-lasting washer? The Crossover WHWF09810NM is the best long-lasting professional front load washing machine on our list. It’s built to last +15000 cycles that means double the life of a regular residential washing machine!

This revolutionary innovative machine is designed for commercial use so it can be used by a multifamily house, hospitals, hotels etc.

The interesting thing about this machine is it’s the first small chassis developed for commercial standards also it is ADA compliant means it complies with American disability act on uniform federal accessibility standards.

But what wowed us is although it’s a professional washer and comes with High speed 300 G force extraction this front load washing machine has the EnergyStar Certification and CEE Tier 3 Compliant

All crossover washers made by Wascomat are soft mount with pump drain that allows easy installation. And this professional front loader washing machine has a built tough with quality SKF bearings, an amazing suspension system with 8 points and a solid steel counterweights.


  • Durability – long-lasting machine with an estimated life of +15000 cycle
    • Professional and for commercial use, suitable for hotels, hospitals, ..etc
    • The fast dry system, less water used

Cons :

  • not for small loads or small families

7. Speed Queen Front Load LFNE5BSP115TW01 

Speed Queen Front Load LFNE5BSP115TW01 

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Choosing the best from the best front loader washing machine fabricant is not an easy task! especially when we talk about Speed queen the leading name in laundry equipment for more than 90 years.
But we have chosen the Speed Queen Front Load LFNE5BSP113TW01 27″ Washer with LDEE5BGS173TW01 27″ Electric Dryer Commercial Laundry Pair, a star pair in the sky of washers/dryers.

Speed Queen developed this washer model for long-lasting performance. This revolutionary front load washing machine is designed to be everything you never thought a washer could be. With cutting-edge innovations and technologies that help improve performance with minimal costs.

The revolutionary balancing technology uses a newly developed suspension and advanced suspension to redistribute the unbalanced load in order to deliver uninterrupted cycles.

This industry-leading washer/dryer comes with a 1200 rpm spin speed – 440 Gforce extraction that helps maximize moisture removal from the fabric. Also, it’s spinning without making any noise and vibrations.
Although this model comes with a huge drum capacity, Speed Queen designed this front load washing machine to reduce considerably water usage, and electricity consumption, all Speed queen appliances are ENERGY STAR Qualified.

Also, we can note that this washer is user-friendly and comes with electronic homestyle controls that are designed for long-lasting and intuitive to operate.

Pros :

  • a leading name in laundry washer markets
  • Designed to be everything you can imagine a washer can do
  • low water consumption

Cons :

  • nothing to report

8. Electrolux White Compact Front Load 

Electrolux White Compact Front Load 

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When we talk about the best Front-load washing machine we cannot ignore the Electrolux EFLS210TIW with IQ-Touch Electronic Controls. This compact washer is packed with interesting features to offer you the best of a laundry cleaner. It’s expert care system provides a variety of features to get the best laundry cleaning results and performance. All that makes it the ideal choice for homes with limited space, as it can easily be paired with the Electrolux EFDE210TIW Electric Dryer and stacked perfectly without occupying a lot of space. Another plus of this machine is that it runs smoothly without making any noise or vibration.

As always Electrolux always focuses on innovation and new technologies on all appliances to especially on washing machines to provide us with the best front load washers.
The IQ-Touch controls in this front load washing machine help you choose from 14 washing cycles and other advanced options to customize your cleaning program.

The mix of drying options offered by the EFDE210TIW Dryer is just amazing. It has a program of each type of fabric like jeans, towels, even wool to ensure the perfect drying without ruining your precious clothes. Also, the gentle dry is using low temperatures to protect delicate fabrics from shrinking and wrinkling.

Other features that we can cite about this pair of front load washing machine /dryer are: Fast Dry – Reverse tumble – Stainless Steel Tube – Reversible Door – Generous capacity of 4.0 Cu.ft -interior lighting – My favorite cycle

Pros :

• Compact and stackable for limited home spaces
• A perfect couple of Washer / Dryer good performance
• Durability – long-lasting machine

Cons :

• Old fashioned design compared to other models


Every model has an advantage depending on your needs and personal requirements. So always take into consideration the long term savings of energy and water. If your laundry habits consist of small loads so it’s recommended not investing in a high capacity washing machine. And if you have limited space in your house you need to choose a small appliance that stacks easily.

Another important factor is your budget, but don’t forget the durability of the washing machine. Some models are designed to last longer and some are engineered for commercial use sot choose carefully.

Also, design can be important if you follow a specific style in your home decor. So choosing the adequate design of your washer/dryer can be primordial in some cases!

And remember the best thing is what fulfills your needs and requirements! And that depends on a person to another one!

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