August 13, 2020

Best Gas String Trimmers (2020)- Reviews & Buying Guide

If you own land, you are probably in the market for the best gas string trimmers. Edge along sidewalks and driveways, clear underbrush, cut down weeds, and tidy up your landscaping on properties small and large. Have an attractive lawn that you can take pride in. No longer will you be ashamed to have guests over for a picnic or outdoor party! We have reviewed for you the 10 best gas string trimmers weed eaters we have found, based on durability, performance, and ease of operation. If you need further information, please refer to the buying guide at the end.

Top 10 Gas-Powered String Trimmers Reviews

1. SRM-225 String Trimmer

SRM-225 String Trimmer, 21.2CC, 17 In. Cut Width

The Echo SRM-225 String Trimmer is one of the most premium two-cycle trimmers on the market. It is engineered with best-in-class components for a first rate-cutting experience with amazing power to handle any task. You can be sure you will be using the Echo SRM-225 for years to come.


The Echo SRM-225 String Trimmer is very user-friendly. It has an abundance of features that make it very easy to operate and maintain. A see-through fuel tank helps you easily determine when you’re running low. The Echo SRM-225 incorporates a proprietary U-turn trimmer head, which reloads line in seconds. The bump feed mechanism easily releases more line simply by bumping the head against the ground.


The Echo SRM-225 cuts your workload by rapidly and efficiently cutting through a wide area, thanks to its cutting width and dual-line operation. The 21.2cc engine provides exceptional power, strong enough to cope with the heaviest weeds.  The heavy-duty air filtration system extends the life of the trimmer.

The Echo SRM-225 features i-30 Technology, which makes this trimmer incredibly easy to start. The durable debris shield and cut-off knife helps manage long and tangled undergrowth.


The Echo SRM-225 String Trimmer features an anti-vibration handle and a rubber comfort grip. A straight 5-foot shaft improves reach and is ideal for the more inaccessible areas. It is extremely light and easy to handle.

2. Ryobi ZRRY252CS 25cc 17 in. 2-Cycle Curved Shaft Trimmer

Ryobi ZRRY252CS 25cc 17 in. 2-Cycle Curved Shaft Trimmer Certified Refurbished

The Ryobi Curved Shaft Trimmer is amazingly economical, while still delivering good value and strong performance. Use it to cut dense undergrowth and tame weeds. You will not be disappointed with its durability and reliability.


The Ryobi Curved Shaft Trimmer will leave you with less fatigue and strain. Its curved shaft and low weight are so easy for just about anyone to carry around.


The Ryobi Curved Shaft Trimmer incorporates a powerful full crank 25cc engine for greater longevity and durability. The Zip Start carburetor starts up quickly and smoothly. REEL-Easy String Head makes reloading your line super easy.  This string trimmer is compatible with Expand-It Universal Brand Fit attachments – turn your trimmer into a cultivator, blower, hedge trimmer, and more.

3. WeedEater W25CBK Curved Shaft Gas Trimmer, 25cc

Weed Eater W25CBK 25cc Curved Shaft String Trimmer, 16"

The WeedEater W25CBK is very affordable for the average homeowner. Without spending over budget, you can still have a quality landscaping product from the reliable and beloved WeedEater brands. A whole host of small details make this WeedEater easy to operate and to store. You’ll find this is the best weedeater at this price range.


The WeedEater W25CBK includes the super-convenient Tap ‘n Go Cutting Head. Simply push the head against the ground and the trimmer line will be fed automatically.

The WeedEater W25CBK is designed for quick assembly and easy storage. The curved shaft is lightweight and allows you to move about the yard with little effort.

The WeedEater W25CBK is equipped with Weed Eater’s proprietary Simple to Start technology. Simply prime and pull the cord.


The WeedEater W25CBK incorporates a powerful 25cc engine. Dual string feed allows you to cut more area in less time.

4. Hitachi CG22EAP2SLB 2-Cycle Gas Powered Curved Shaft String Trimmer, 21cc

Hitachi CG22EAP2SLB 2-Cycle Gas Powered Curved Shaft String Trimmer, 21cc

The Hitachi 2-Cycle String Trimmer delivers reliable and solid performance. It is engineered with industry-standard components for durability and longevity. This gas weed trimmer comes at a surprisingly affordable price considering all the great features that it contains.


The Hitachi 2-Cycle String Trimmer holds 13 feet of line, so you can operate it for longer periods without refilling.


The Hitachi 2-Cycle String Trimmer features a 21.1cc PureFire engine which delivers superb power. Proprietary S-Start functionality includes a Walbro carburetor, which enables prompt and reliable start-up. Users love the endurance and toughness of this trimmer. They say it is built to commercial standards for cutting through even the thickest weeds.


The Hitachi 2-Cycle String Trimmer is built with an extra-long curved shaft that is easy to handle and extends into more difficult areas. So you don’t have fatigue from awkward bending. It is incredibly light at only 12 pounds. The trimmer is fitted with an anti-vibration system for comfortable and smooth operation.

5. Poulan Pro PP325 Straight Shaft Trimmer

Poulan Pro PP325 Straight Shaft Trimmer

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The Poulan Pro PP325 Trimmer functions like a professional trimmer for commercial use, but its price is low enough for the average homeowner. Top-class engineering and innovative design combine to provide exceptional cutting power. This exceptional gas weed wacker is tough enough for your dense weeds, shrubs, and undergrowth.


A spring-assisted starter system provides reliable and quick starts every time. The Tap ‘n Go dual line allows for quick and effortless line refills.


The Poulan Pro PP325 Trimmer delivers exceptional power thanks to the SureFire 25cc engine. The dura chrome cylinder extends the life of the engine. It is well-engineered and users appreciate the cutting power and versatility.

The Poulan Pro PP325 Trimmer is a straight shaft model with a split shaft. That gives it superior versatility as you can attach several different tools. Turn the trimmer into an edger, brush cutter, blower, cultivator, or pole pruner (some tools sold separately).

6. Weedeater W25SFK Straight Shaft Gas Trimmer, 25cc

Weedeater W25SFK Straight Shaft Gas Trimmer, 25ccv

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The Weedeater W25SFK is an outstanding trimmer at a reasonable price point. They have engineered every component of this trimmer so you have quick starts, powerful and efficient cutting, and easy line replacement and maintenance.


The Weedeater W25SFK provides quick and easy starts thanks to the proprietary Simple 2 Start engineering. It includes a fixed-line trimmer head. This contributes to less tangling of the line, and users have found it quite easy and efficient to replace the line when needed.


The Weedeater W25SFK incorporates a dual-line for superior cutting power. It is powered by a 25cc two-cycle engine. It is quite durable and will last the casual homeowner for many years to come.


The Weedeater W25SFK is designed with a robust straight shaft, which extends farther into hard-to-reach areas. At a low 10 pound weight, it is very easy to operate this trimmer without strain.

7. Tanaka TCG22EAP2SL 2-Cycle Gas-Powered String Trimmer/Brush Cutter

Tanaka TCG22EAP2SL 2-Cycle Gas Powered Solid Steel Drive Shaft String Trimmer/Brush Cutter, 21cc

The Tanaka Gas-Powered String Trimmer has impressed users and reviewers with its surprisingly lightweight and intense cutting power. This durable commercial-grade trimmer powers through very dense brush and weeds without flinching. Users find it very easy to operate.


The Tanaka Gas-Powered String Trimmer has a capacity for 13 feet of line. This means you can run it for longer periods of time before you need to replace the line.


The Tanaka Gas-Powered String Trimmer is engineered with a 21.1cc PureFire engine for excellent power and durability. Users praise its fuel efficiency, which means longer operation on a single fill-up. It is designed with a Walbro carburetor and purge bulb for easy and quick starts. Proprietary S-Start functionality reduces the amount of force required to pull and start the engine.


The Tanaka Gas-Powered String Trimmer is constructed with a long curved shaft that is very easy to maneuver. It extends into hard-to-reach areas, so you won’t suffer strain from awkward bending. This trimmer is just 12 pounds, and well-balanced, so you will find it easy to move about the yard with low effort required. In addition, it is equipped with an anti-vibration system to reduce your fatigue and discomfort while using the trimmer.

8. Troy-Bilt TB575 EC 29cc 4-Cycle 17-Inch Straight Shaft Trimmer

Troy-Bilt TB575 EC 29cc 4-Cycle 17-Inch Straight Shaft Trimmer


The Troy-Bilt TB575 Trimmer is a fantastic and powerful cutter, thanks in part to its four-cycle engine. It is surprisingly affordable for being wonderfully functional and durable. Users love the four-cycle engine because it doesn’t require mixed fuel, so it is easier to operate and maintain.


The Troy-Bilt TB575 Trimmer incorporates the SpeedSpool bump head, so you can load line faster and easier than ever before. The Troy-Bilt TB575 Trimmer features SpringAssist to aid in starting the engine by pulling the cord. It also has optional JumpStart capability, to start the engine without a cord. The starter is sold separately.


The Troy-Bilt TB575 Trimmer is engineered with a 29cc four-cycle engine for enhanced cutting power to handle all types of undergrowth. It is designed to be compatible with several attachments, to improve versatility and turn one landscaping tool into several.


The Troy-Bilt TB575 Trimmer can reach under shrubs and bushes with less strain for you, thanks to its long straight shaft.

9. Husqvarna 967055801 Straight Shaft 4-Stroke Gas String Trimmer

Husqvarna 967055801 Straight Shaft 4-Stroke Gas String Trimmer, 25cc/324 L


The Husqvarna 4-Stroke Gas String Trimmer is in a class of its own. This premium 4 stroke weed eater is just about the best commercial weed eater you can buy for home use. It represents a significant investment, but you can use this trimmer on just about any job, and it will be a durable and efficient tool at your service for years.


The Husqvarna 4-Stroke Gas String Trimmer features air purge functionality, which enables easy and quick starting by removing air from the engine and fuel system. Smart Start technology is designed for a quick start with less effort. The four-stroke engine on the Husqvarna is easy to operate thanks to its gas-only requirement: no mixed fuel needed.

The Husqvarna 4-Stroke Gas String Trimmer incorporates the Tap ‘n Go system for quick and convenient line feeds.


The Husqvarna 4-Stroke Gas String Trimmer is equipped with a 25cc four-cycle engine that produces 1.07hp. Cut through the thickest undergrowth and tall grass with ease. Users love the superior power for their landscaping needs around the home and in commercial applications.


Consumers appreciate the lower vibration and quieter motor of the four-cycle engine. The straight shaft leads to more comfortable posture, especially for taller users.

10. Poulan Pro 966774301 4-Cycle Gas Straight Shaft Trimmer

Poulan Pro 966774301 4-Cycle Gas Straight Shaft Trimmer


The Poulan Pro 4-Cycle Trimmer delivers exceptional power and functionality, at a price point that is quite affordable for the average homeowner. It is designed for reliability and endurance, to efficiently complete the tasks a landowner faces year-round.


The Poulan Pro 4-Cycle Trimmer incorporates the Tap ‘n Go line feed system, to feed in more line when you need it. The trimmer is surprisingly lightweight for a four-cycle model, so you should find it easy to operate.

The Poulan Pro 4-Cycle Trimmer features a split boom shaft, so it is compatible with a variety of attachments via the ProLink attachment system. Blower, brush cutter, cultivator, and more: this trimmer is robust enough to handle any trimming or clearing task. Attachments are sold separately.


The Poulan Pro 4-Cycle Trimmer has power and sturdiness to handle the toughest jobs, thanks to its 25cc four-cycle engine. Users love using the four-cycle engine which doesn’t require fuel mixing. It is so robust that most jobs can be done at only half-throttle for greater efficiency.


A string trimmer can be a highly versatile workhorse for your landscaping needs. String trimmers are highly effective at cutting through dense grass, weeds, and undergrowth. They are great for edging and can get a close cut near trees, rocks, and fences. Many of them accept additional attachments that turn them into an edger, brush cutter, hedge trimmer, and more. This feature is often referred to as “split-shaft”.

Advantages of Gas Power

Gas-powered string trimmers have the advantage of mobility because they aren’t tied to a power source. They are also typically more powerful than electric trimmers, and they last longer than battery-powered options that need recharging. Modern gas-powered trimmers have made great improvements in reducing emissions and fumes.

What to Look For

Here is how to find the best gas trimmer. Your gas-powered weed eater should be lightweight and easy to handle and maneuver. Models with a protective sleeve on the cutting head will help keep tall grass and vines from getting tangled around the cutting head. Look for a centrifugal clutch, which allows the gas trimmer to idle without spinning the cutting head. A rotating head is helpful for edging without having to hold the trimmer sideways. Here are some other features to consider.

  • Shaft Shape
    • Straight shaft – offers longer reach
    • Curved shaft – easier to maneuver
  • Line Feed
    • A bump feed releases more line from a spool as you need it. This means you have to replace it less often.
    • Fixed-line head uses short lengths of line to eliminate tangling. This means that you have to thread in new line more often.
  • Engine type
    • Four cycle engines are more expensive, but they are easier to start, more powerful, and quieter.
    • Two-cycle engines are more affordable, and they should have separate primer, choke, and throttle controls for easier start-up.

Safety & Operation

Wear the proper safety gear when using your best gas string trimmers. If it is very loud, you will need hearing protection. Also recommended are safety glasses, gloves, closed-toed boots, and long pants.

Make sure to use the recommended size line for your trimmer. Know what kind of fuel and oil your trimmer requires and have extra on hand.

For the best cutting experience, keep the best gas string trimmers about 2-3 inches from the ground, and sweep side to side in a steady motion. For very tall grass and weeds, cut in sections starting at the top. This helps avoid the problem of long vegetation getting tangled in the cutting head. Near trees, rocks, and other obstacles be careful not to get too close and hit the obstacle directly with the trimmer.

When you’re done using the trimmer for the day, clean it of debris, and check the gas level and the condition of the string. Then all will be in order the next time you need it.

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  1. For this guide, we focused on rechargeable cordless trimmers with enough power to cut everything from simple lawn grass to thick overgrown weeds. Compared with gas string trimmers, cordless models are quieter, need practically no ongoing maintenance, start with the press of a button, emit no exhaust, and can “refuel” without requiring a separate run to the gas station. Over years, our testing has proved that the best cordless tools have the run time and cutting ability for everything but the most extreme clearing jobs. For all of this power and convenience, the price of a cordless string trimmer is roughly the same as a gas model’s—and even less once you factor in the long-term cost of purchasing gas and oil and the time spent on maintenance. In some extreme circumstances, only a gas tool will do—and we have a gas-powered pick for those. But those rarely apply to most people’s needs, so the rest of this section outlines our criteria for cordless string trimmers.

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