July 10, 2020

What are the Best Lamps to buy in 2020?

The best lamps are a combination of form and function, as it adds to the aesthetic of your décor while emitting bright light. Lamps can be placed on tables or other surfaces. If they are tall enough, they can even be placed on the floor. Lamps light up every home, creating a warm and cozy environment for friends and family. Consider these three lamps:

What are the Best Lamps to buy in 2020?

WBM Himalayan Light #1002 Salt Lamp


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This lamp comes in an assortment of sizes, from 7 inches to 10 inches. The lamp itself is a unique slat lamp mined from the Himalayan Mountains. As such, each lamp is distinct and natural. The salt lamp has been mounted on a natural wood base made of neem wood, a soft and neutral wood that complements the color of the salt lamp. Once lit, the lamp looks like amber, with a yellowish-orange tinge. Interestingly, once the lamp is heated with the included bulb, negative ions are released into the air through a chemical reaction, thereby purifying the air in the room. As such, this salt lamp functions not only to emit light but also as a completely natural ionizer or air purifier.

Reviewers were pleased that the lamp was much bigger than they expected. Furthermore, many customers like the soothing light of the lamp, which made them feel calm and relaxed. The lamp has proven a valuable addition to the home and office for most users. Also, the lamp comes with a dimmer function which allowed users to adjust the brightness setting of the lamp. However, many users complained that the lamp was damaged or broken upon arrival due to poor packaging. Click here to see all consumer reviews on Amazon.

Trademark Global 72-0820 Sunlight Floor Lamp


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This lamp is 5 feet in height, so it can be placed on the floor. It comes in four neutral colors to match the interiors of most homes: black, silver, white and wood grain. The bulb gives off 1300 lumens, a measurement of light intensity, while it emits up to 6500 Kelvins in heat energy. Since it is such a high powered product, it has been nicknamed the ‘Sunlight’ lamp because switching it on is almost like having the sun in your home.

This lamp is just the right size for most homes. Moreover, users appreciate its compact design as this means that it can be placed in tight or narrow spaces. The lamp is ideal as a reading lamp, or for those who do knitting or stitching. The light is very helpful and not unpleasantly blinding. Despite this, there are issues concerning the quality of construction, as components of the lamp did not fit well. Also, the lamp stopped working very soon upon purchase in some instances. Click here to see all consumer reviews on Amazon.

Design Fidelity Halo Table Lamp


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This highly intricate table lamp features a brushed nickel finish, giving it a special sheen. Moreover, the lamp has been UL approved as an adjustable table lamp. The purchase of the lamp includes two light bulbs. The metal dome lamp shade completes the look, giving a further air of understated sophistication.

This little lamp really spruces up a space as it looks very nice and unique. Additionally, it gives out great light and is very useful. Although it required assembly, reviewers said that assembly was not too difficult as the lamp came with helpful and detailed instructions. It’s easy to use for all ages and is a great purchase. However, one user commented that the bulbs included with the lamp were not of good quality as they burned out very quickly. Click here to see all consumer reviews on Amazon.

Buying the Best Lamps

The WBM Himalayan Light #1002 Salt Lamp is our choice because it is a versatile lamp that doubles up as a natural ionizer and complements a natural lifestyle and aesthetic. Picking the best lamps for your home is a challenging task, but once you find the right one, rest assured that it’s a worthy investment.

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