July 10, 2020


When it comes to drinks for your party, a good margarita is always the one at the heart of any celebration.  There is no worrying whether your friends or customers will enjoy what you make because you have some of the best margarita machines around to do the job. We’ve looked at several of these devices and have selected 5 of the best margarita machines that will add life to any occasion. Skip to the best margarita machine on Amazon.




One of the best products on the market that is behind a good party is the Margaritaville brand. This year they have revved it up by notches to give you the impressive Margaritaville DM1595-000-000 Key West.  Allowing you to pack enough drinks to fit into a 54-ounce space, the Margaritaville Key West comes with a double insulated blender that can concoct a drink like no other frozen margarita machine can, and keeps your drink at the right temperature until you need to make more.  With automatic settings for various drinks, anyone can make their drink of choice – from margaritas, pina Coladas, mojitos, smoothies to daiquiris and mudslides. And if the Key West is not large enough for the demands of your party, there is the larger Margaritaville Tahiti Trio Blender.

Some reasons you should consider the Margaritaville Key West:

  • It has a large carrying bag, you can take your party anywhere.
  • With its insulated blender, your frozen drinks won’t lose quality.
  • The machine is very easy to use

Drawbacks you may want to consider:

  • It may be a bit pricier than its competitors.
  • You may be forced to get the larger version for a large party.



If the Key West seems to be a bit on the expensive end for you, here is a margarita maker that is a great choice without a high price tag. The Nostalgia Electrics is an all in one system of a blender with a double blade that crushes ice to the smoothest drink, your invitees will not be disappointed. This frozen drink machine even has a drip area. Cute! And if the 54-ounce jar lets you have to make more drinks quite too often, the Nostalgia Electrics comes with a 64-ounce blender that will allow you more time to enjoy the party.  Check out its controls. They make the machine so easy to use.

Some reasons you should consider the Nostalgia Electrics:

  • It is pretty inexpensive.
  • It has a traveling bag, you can travel with it anywhere.
  • Very user-friendly.
  • It gives you a smooth drink.

Drawbacks you may want to consider:

  • You may be put off by the noise it makes.
  • The motor may not be very durable.
  • It may not handle whole cubes of ice as needed and pre-crushed ice maybe your best option for a smoother frozen drink.



You cannot help but be impressed with the Tahiti from Margaritaville and in any bar setting, this frozen drink technology is the center of attraction.  It is the mother of all margarita makers. Here is what makes the Tahiti a huge standout. It is armed with three blender stations that not only free you from having to be constantly making drinks, but you can also make three concoctions at a time. With its three individual controls, this margarita mixer can churn up drinks in a series or blend them all at the same time. With an ice chute, the machine is very appealing even to your customers. This margarita machine comes pre-programmed so that you can make favorite drinks easily.

Some reasons you should consider the Tahiti:

  • Three blender stations allow for 72 ounces of frozen drink in each cycle.
  • Extremely suitable for large parties, restaurant and small retail settings.
  • The three blenders create a wider variety of drinks in a shorter time.
  • A spectacular ice chute will add interest among your patrons.
  • Great design construction and finishes are made of fine materials.

Drawbacks you may want to consider:

  • This machine is a bit expensive.



This is the ultimate margarita mixer for large party throwers.  Small to medium restaurateurs, food trucks and large events will find this machine convenient also. The Margarita Girl Frozen Drink Machine departs from regular vertical blenders and goes as a rectangular mechanism sitting on a sturdy base.  The machine has the capacity of 25 cups of frozen slush at a time. However, if your business draws larger numbers, you can select the twin machine for more drink and added variety.  Of course, the machine will hold your frozen drink consistency for as long to make your customers happy.  You will find it great for margaritas, Coladas, and daiquiris.

Some reasons you should consider the Margarita Girl:

  • Easy to use, your patrons can serve themselves.
  • You get a warranty period of 3 years.
  • It has a high capacity suitable for small businesses and large parties.
  • A very sturdy machine.
  • Very easy to clean.

Drawbacks you may want to consider:

  • A bit expensive.
  • Its drip tray tends to shift leaving you with messy puddles to clean.
  • The machine is rather noisy.



Here is a blender that is calibrated for you and your bar patrons.  The Waring Margarita Madness Blender is a two-speed motorized machine flush with two powerful stainless steel blades. It is capable of crushing ice to a full smooth and gives you the perfect frozen drink you can ever imagine.  People who love great margaritas, cocktails and smoothies will love this margarita blender.  An ordinary blender in looks; but its high-speed capacity packs a more powerful punch than expected.

Some reasons you should consider the Waring Margarita Blender:

  • You are able to adjust the speeds to get the desired effect of your drink.
  • It is easy to clean.
  • It is perfectly suited for both home and professional settings.

Drawbacks you may want to consider:

  • The Waring Blender is not appealing because of its unattractive design.
  • It can be very noisy.

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