June 1, 2020

Best Portable Printers (2020) – Reviews & Buying Guide

Like many devices that are made to operate on the go, Best portable printers are now designed as handy devices weighing sometimes less than five pounds and still meeting your printing needs. Whether you are a student needing to print an assignment, a traveler who moves to different locations, or a business person out of the office and doing a transaction, the best portable printer is just suited for your printing needs.  You can print from a laptop computer, camera, or smartphone by just plugging into a car or AC adapter, or with the use of an ion battery. These printers can also be set up in the office and operate just like a regular desktop printer. You will get the same high-quality prints in black and white or color whether you are printing text or you want good quality photos. Below are some of the best portable printers that you can buy for your printing needs.

Best Portable Printers Reviews

1. The HP OfficeJet H470 Mobile Printer

The HP OfficeJet H470 Mobile Printer


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Weighing just 4.5 pounds, the HP OfficeJet 470 is a compact printer made to satisfy on the go users such as students and business persons. The machine can simply be plugged into an AC adapter, your car lighter or used with a battery.  It connects wirelessly to a computer, your phone or other mobile devices. For such a small printer, it produces high resolution for both black and white and color prints for great photos and other productions you may need. Similarly, the machine works at a top speed of 22 papers per minute for black and white prints and 18 for color. Its carries a large paper tray that holds up to 50 papers and has the capacity to fold to the size paper you need.

Some reasons you should consider the HP OfficeJet H470 Mobile Printer:

  • Its high resolution makes for great black and color prints.
  • Its lightweight allows you to carry it easily.
  • You can print with a variety of printing papers, including, plain, greeting cards, labels, index cards, and envelopes.

Drawbacks you may want to consider:

  • The H470 prints color best on photo paper than on plain.
  • It is a little slower than other top inkjet printers.


2. The Canon SELPHY CP910 Black Portable Wireless Compact Photo Color Printer

The Canon SELPHY CP910 Black Portable Wireless Compact Photo Color Printer


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If you are one of those persons who operates a good deal from your mobile device, here is a printer to fit your lifestyle.  The Canon SELPHY CP910 is the smallest printer around that is convenient and satisfies your need.  It carries a weight of just 2. 9 lbs., yet gives you the most gorgeous color print to fit on sizes as small as a credit card or postcard. What’s more, the device gives you borderless edge-to-edge prints on a variety of paper types. With a wireless connection, you are able to print directly from your smartphone, tablet, iPad, or iPod.

Some reasons you should consider the Canon SELPHY CP910

  • This is a pretty inexpensive device.
  • It is quite user-friendly.
  • Its small size and lightweight makes it easy to travel around with.
  • There is an optional battery.

Drawbacks you may want to consider:

  • It is somewhat slower than its competitors.

3. The Canon Pixma iP110

The Canon Pixma iP110


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The Canon Pixma iP110 is a portable wireless printer that is designed just for your convenience. Weighing close to7lbs, the printer is light enough to take along with you for on-the-spot printing. Although a small device, the Pixma iP110 competes well with its competitors in extremely high color photo quality and regular prints.  The printer allows you to connect wirelessly and also gives you the option of battery use rather than wall plugs.  What’s more, you can print directly from a smartphone or tablet especially if you download the Canon PRINT app.

Some reasons you should consider the Canon Pixma iP110:

  • Its modest weight and Wi-Fi capability allow for easy transportation.
  • The high-quality resolution makes you produce professional prints and good for your business.
  • It has a handy carrying case for protection.

Drawbacks you may want to consider:

  • Setting up the device can be difficult especially when pairing to mobile devices.
  • It is somewhat slow in performance.

4. The Primera Trio

The Primera Trio


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If you are the ultimate on-the-go professional and need a printer that is inconspicuous and easy to travel with, the Primera Trio may be the one for you. This printer comes as the world’s smallest printer, with printing, scanning and copying capabilities. Weighing only 2.6 lbs., this printer easily fits into any carrying bag such as your purse or backpack. The Trio may be small, but you get the functionalities of a regular printer. It prints anything from construction, real estate, insurance to landscape documents and from other fields also. You can print from just about anywhere by just plugging into a USB port. An optional battery will keep you productive just in case your power source fails. Only ensure that it is charged.

Some reasons you should consider the Primera Trio:

  • It makes for greater productivity with its printing, scanning and copying capabilities.
  • Its very lightweight and small design let you take it anywhere you go.
  • The Trio comes in a variety of colors for you to choose from.

Drawbacks you may want to consider:

  • It has slow print speed.
  • You can only use one cartridge at a time.
  • You cannot connect wirelessly.

5. Epson WorkForce WF-100

Epson WorkForce WF-100


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Everyone may not agree totally on the weight of this printer. However, the Epson WorkForce WF-100 is one of the best travel printers because of how small and light it is in weight.  This is a versatile printer that gives you printing capabilities while you are on the go. Whether for study, home use or the office, the Epson WorkForce WF-100 prints your documents and photos from your PC, tablet, iPhone, iPad, iPod or any smartphone to produce quality black and white or color prints. It is convenient to carry around as you can connect wirelessly in any Wi-Fi space. If you do not have electrical power at your disposal, a rechargeable battery lets you print at your convenience.

Some reasons you should consider the Epson WorkForce WF-100:

  • Because it is small and light in weight, you can take it anywhere.
  • It works with wireless connection and carries a battery for greater convenience.
  • This is very easy to use the device.

Drawbacks you may want to consider:

  • The machine is slow when using battery.
  • It has a high operating cost.

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