July 10, 2020

Best Road Bikes 2020 – Reviews & Buying Guide

If you are reading this article then you must be in the market for the best road bikes. Are you looking for a fun way to get some exercise? Do you need an economical way to commute to work or school? Or are you just looking to go on some casual trips with friends? A road bike can be an excellent option. Here we review our favorite road bikes and road bicycle brands. If you still need more information, after the article you can find a buyer’s guide with tips. And now, on with the best road bikes review!

1. GMC Denali 700c 21-Speed Road Bike

22.5" GMC Denali 700cc Men's Bike, White/Red

Construction & Durability

The GMC Denali 700C 21-Speed Road Bikes is constructed with a high-quality lightweight aluminum frame that enables a tight and nimble riding experience. Solid name-brand components guarantee the best in engineering and stability.


The GMC Denali 700C is equipped with best-in-class Shimano derailleur and MicroShift drivetrain to achieve 21-speed flexibility in navigating a changing terrain. The brake and shifter controls are conveniently positioned on the handlebars for undistracted riding. High-profile alloy Vitesse racing rims provide unsurpassed responsiveness and handling. Lightweight 700x28c wheels are engineered with shock-absorbing features. Dual pivot alloy caliper brakes have exceptional stopping power even on wet surfaces. The low profile handlebars enable the rider to lean forward on the bike, pedaling at greater speeds without wind resistance.


The GMC Denali 700C is available in both men’s and women’s styles. Its larger size is particularly suitable for taller riders, while the step-thru frame allows easy mounts and dismounts for people of all heights.


The GMC Denali 700C 21-Speed Best Road Bikes is a versatile bike well suited for commuting to campus or work. It is a good practical machine that won’t bust your budget. Consumers felt that the GMC Denali was easy to put together and performed exactly as advertised.

2. Vilano Aluminum 21 Speed Shimano Road Bike

Vilano Aluminum Road Bike 21 Speed Shimano, Black, 54cm Medium

Construction & Durability

The Vilano 21 Speed Shimano Road Bike represents the pinnacle of Italian bicycle engineering. It is constructed with a 6061 double-butted aluminum frame, designed for durability and longevity.


The Vilano Shimano Road Bike ensures a smooth ride by incorporating 700c double-walled alloy wheels. These wheels are engineered to help reduce vibrations from rough roads and absorb impact from ruts and cracks

Alloy caliper brakes provide outstanding braking control even on the downhill.  21 speeds are available with the high-performance Shimano rear derailleur and A050 thumb shifters. The multi-tasking shifter contributes to exceptional handling and maneuverability. At 26 pounds assembled, the bike’s low weight will make for easy low-effort pedaling, as well as being convenient for transport.


The Vilano Shimano Road Bike is a versatile and practical machine. Ride it to work or school, or take it on bike paths, because it can handle all kinds of challenging terrain… Upgrade your bike for all-purpose commuting by adding your own rear rack and water bottle holder. Overall, this is an excellent choice if you want a basic, affordable, versatile bike with quality construction.

3. Schwinn Men’s Phocus 1400 700C Drop Bar Road Bicycle

Schwinn Men's Phocus 1400 700C Drop Bar Road Bicycle, Black, 18-Inch

Construction & Durability

Schwinn is one of the most trusted brands in America for their reliability and superior quality. The Schwinn Men’s Phocus 1400 Road Bicycle is made with an aluminum road frame that is lightweight yet strong and dependable.


The Schwinn Men’s Phocus 1400 incorporates the best in modern biking features. The Shimano 14 speed rear derailleur with Shimano A050 shifters enables flexibility in changing gears, allowing you to adjust your pedaling intensity. The smooth action of the shifters will allow operation without grinding. Alloy caliper brakes provide precise and powerful stopping control.

Regarding tires, high profile alloy rims with paired spokes are lightweight and strong for nimble and responsive riding experience. 700c Kenda tires will grip and hug the road, providing exceptional traction and stability. The front tire has a quick release function for easier storage.


The Schwinn Men’s Phocus 1400 looks great with a classic, understated design and colors. Drop bar handlebars contribute to a low profile, streamlined riding position for better speed and acceleration.


The Schwinn Men’s Phocus 1400 700c Road Bicycle is one of the best bikes for men in this price range. It is ideal for regular use by commuters and fitness enthusiasts. It delivers a fun and reliable ride on the road or the bike path. The Schwinn Men’s Phocus 1400 satisfies its customer’s thanks to its premium quality and engineering.

4. Vilano Shadow Road Bike

Vilano Shadow Road Bike, Medium, White

Construction & Durability

The Vilano Shadow Road Bike is engineered for durability with a double-butted 6061 aluminum aero frame, with an integrated headset. This frame is tough and strong enough to handle just about anything.


The Vilano Shadow Road Bike is designed for a smooth ride with a dual pivot fork, which is very effective at absorbing road vibrations and bumps. The wheelset includes 700c double-walled rims, which are quite sturdy and durable. They are wide enough to ride over even rough terrain while remaining upright and balanced. The tires are 700cx25 and reduce rolling resistance and friction so that you can pedal more efficiently without strain.

The Vilano Shadow also includes a Shimano 14-speed drivetrain for flexible and responsive acceleration. Integrated Shimano STI brake lever and shifters come in a single convenient package, so you won’t be fumbling with multiple levers while you’re trying to ride. The industry-standard dual caliper brakes are effective and powerful even in wet conditions.


The Vilano Shadow Road Bike is packed with high-tech features at a very affordable price. It is durable enough for daily use on the road or on the bike path. You will be very pleased with the handling and agility of the Vilano Shadow Road Bike.

5. Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike

Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike, 700c, Black/Yellow, Large/57cm Frame

Durability & Construction

The heavy-duty steel frame of the Takara Kabuto represents top-class construction and engineering. It is made of tig-welded steel for superior durability and longevity.

Operation & Ride Quality

Consumers love the performance and responsive handling of the Takara Kabuto Road Bike. Wide profile 700c x32 tires deliver both speed and stability. They are designed to offer improved grip and maneuverability even on wet surfaces. Front and rear alloy side pull brakes offer greater braking control on the downhill and are especially helpful in muddy conditions. Whether you prefer freewheel mode or single speed fixed gear, this versatile bike allows to do either one with its rear-wheel flip flop hub.


Reviewers love using this bike whether for casual riding around town or for daily commuting to work or campus. They are pleased with the comfortable seat and the stylish and bright colors. The 57-centimeter size accommodates riders up to 6’2.  There is also a 53-centimeter option for smaller riders.


The Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike is an affordable bike at a great value. They have not scrimped on the engineering and materials in designing this single-speed bicycle. You will be satisfied with the performance and the durable construction.

6. Giordano Libero Acciao Women’s Road Bike

Giordano Libero Acciao Road Bike, 700c, Red, Small

Construction & Durability

The Giordano Libero Acciao Women’s Road Bike is designed with a woman’s shape and smaller proportions in mind.  It is constructed with a high tensile steel frame and fork. Sparing no expense, it is also equipped with an alloy threadless stem and ergonomic handlebars.


The Giordano Libero Acciao is equipped with a 14-speed Shimano Tourney STI drive train. Get superior performance and efficiency by changing your pedaling intensity at will. Shifters and brake levers are conveniently included in one mechanism for easy operation.

The Acciao includes 700x25c tires which provide excellent traction and handling while reducing friction and bumps. The tires are paired with Vitesse v-profile alloy double-wall rims for a smooth and responsive ride. Stop quickly and safely on any kind of terrain, even muddy conditions, thanks to side pull front and rear alloy brakes.


Giordano draws on Italian innovation and proven design to produce durable, high-performance bicycles. The Giordano Libero Acciao Women’s Road Bike fuses tradition with the latest advancements in high-tech design. It is the best bicycle at this price point, and it delivers a sublime and flawless ride.

7. Giordano Libero 2.0 Road Bike

Giordano Libero 1.6 Road Bike, 700c, Black/Red, Medium

Construction & Durability

The Giordano Libero 2.0 has a lightweight handcrafted 6061 aluminum frame. The quality construction is engineered for unparalleled riding experience. At only 22-23 lb, you won’t believe the light and stress-free weight of this bike. Both tires are quick release for easy storage and transport.


The Giordano Libero 2.0 is constructed with top-shelf components for powerful and reliable performance. 18 speeds are available with the industry-standard Shimano Sora STI shifters, cranks, and derailleurs. With so many speeds this bike is ready to handle a variety of different terrain types.

Light aluminum 700c wheels, paired with Vitesse Alloy high-profile rims and Kenda Black Road Clincher tires, grip the road and help to absorb shock, reducing road friction and bumps. Stop on a dime, even in wet conditions, with alloy side pull front and rear brakes.


The Giordano Libero 2.0 Road Bike is a higher-end model that is well worth the price. It’s packed with features to satisfy the most discerning road bike enthusiasts. Overall this is a well-crafted, high-performance bike with tons of visual style. Whether for city rides or heading out on the trail, you’ll be well pleased with the superior handling and exceptional performance even on longer commutes.

8. Diamondback Bicycles Haanjo Metro Complete Commuter Bike

Diamondback Bicycles 2016 Haanjo Metro Complete Commuter Bike, 56cm/Large, Black

Construction & Durability

The Haanjo Metro Complete Commuter Bike from Diamondback Cycles is the best road bicycle at this price, made from top-shelf components to ensure the best quality and performance. The frame is constructed from 6061-T6 aluminum. Its fully butted and formed tubing is both light and strong.


The Haanjo Metro design comes with the Urban Disc steel fork, which provides responsive and reliable steering. Navigate the most crowded urban environments with aplomb on this agile bike. The Shimano Acera 1×9 speed drivetrain delivers the goods while being affordable.

The cutting edge wheelset includes DB Equation CX rims and 700 x 42 Schwalbe Citizen tires. Get exceptional rolling speed and control on the pavement, while reducing friction and increasing your pedaling efficiency. Tektro mechanical disc brakes are the best in their class for superior stopping and reliable braking on any kind of road surface.


You can ride in a more natural and relaxed position with the Endurance Geometry of the Haanjo Metro. Flat handlebars, ergonomic grips, and a comfortable Eldorado seat will all contribute to a smooth and low-strain ride.


Diamond Bicycles knows that you need a bike that can handle itself in all kinds of conditions, whether you’re going for a pleasurable ride along the bike path, or commuting to campus on a virtual obstacle course of pedestrians and motorists. The Haanjo Metro Complete Commuter Bike delivers terrific performance, comfort, and reliability.

9. Vilano FORZA 2.0 Aluminum Carbon Shimano Tiagra Road Bike

Vilano FORZA 2.0 Aluminum Carbon Shimano Tiagra Road Bike, Matte Grey, 49cm/Small

Construction & Durability

The Vilano Forza 2.0 sets the bar for durability and performance. The frame is composed of ultra-strong 6061 double-butted aluminum. The fork is constructed with 12k carbon fiber.


The Vilano Forza 2.0 delivers top-class performance and agility. This bike is supremely responsive and smooth. Its best-in-class components include a Shimano Tiagra derailleur and Shimano Sora 9 speed STI shifters. Together these elements deliver an amazing 27 speeds, so you can tailor your ride at any given moment based on the terrain, the uphill or downhill grade, and your preferred pedaling intensity. The 700c double-walled wheelset delivers superior handling and traction. Controlled braking is delivered via brake levers integrated into the shifter.


What sets Vilano apart is their attention to detail. The Vilano Forza 2.0 Aluminum Carbon Road Bike is a premium quality bicycle. Only the best and most reliable components are used so that you will be buying a truly exceptional product.

10. Kestrel Talon Road Shimano 105 Bicycle

Kestrel Talon Road Shimano 105 Bicycle

Construction & Durability

The Kestrel Talon Road Bicycle is constructed from Kestrel’s proprietary EMH carbon, which is lightweight and stiff, yet pliant. This is a heavy-duty bike that’s built to last. The bonus part is that the whole thing weighs under 20 pounds, so it’s easy to transport and won’t slow you down.


The Kestrel Talon is an aero road bike. It handles like a road bike but accelerates like a racer. You can pretend you’re riding in the Tour de France because this bike is incredibly nimble and responsive with unmatched speed. The Kestrel Talon offers 11 speeds thanks to the Shimano 105 derailleur and Shimano STI shifters with integrated brake levers.

Vittoria Zaffiro Pro 700x25c tires provide exceptional traction and low friction. The Talon also includes proprietary Kestrel H-stays designed to improve your pedaling efficiency, while also absorbing shock. The stays, seat post, and seat tubes are designed to be aerodynamic. Toward the same end, the cable routing is internal.


The seat and handlebars are ergonomic. One unique feature showcasing this bike’s versatility is that the seat post is adjustable. Mount the seat in a more traditional road bike riding position, or if you are in the mood to race, mount the seat in the triathlon position. This versatile bike comes in five sizes, so you can select the one that will be the best fit.


The Kestrel Talon Road Bicycle is the best racing bike in its class. It may perform like a tri racer, but you don’t have to be a triathlete to ride this beauty. The Kestrel Talon Road Bicycle is a premium machine worth every penny of its premium cost.

Best Road Bikes Buyers Guide

Why bike? It’s great exercise, fun recreation, and it’s better for the environment. You can use a bike to run errands, explore the neighborhood, take a cruise with friends, or even ride to work. As you are looking for different bikes, there are all kinds of styles to choose from. What are the best bicycle brands? Mountain bikes, road bikes, hybrids…it can all be a little overwhelming.

The best road bikes are meant to be ridden, well, on roads. It is an excellent vehicle for everyday commuting to work or school, or use it to get some exercise touring the neighborhood. Mainly due to the type of wheel, a road bike is only meant to be used on fairly smooth surfaces such as pavement and bike paths. If you wanted to do a lot of trail riding or riding over rough terrain, a road bike is not going to be a good choice for you.

How to Shop: Consider your Needs

Know-how and where you plan to use your new bike. Will you prioritize quality or affordability? Some bikes have more technical gizmos while others are simple and practical. Some bikes favor an upright riding position while some have you more hunched over the handlebars. Determine what features you are more comfortable with.

Sizing is important so that you have a bike that fits your frame and proportions. Check the manufacturer’s sizing guide and read customer reviews on your short-listed bike. There is very little functional difference between men’s and women’s bicycles, but women’s bicycles do tend to run a bit smaller. In general, choose the bike style and size that will fit you best.

Do you need a comfortable commuter bike or a mountain bike that can handle rough terrain? A well-constructed hybrid bicycle should be able to do both. Hybrid bikes are versatile, handling different riding styles and terrain competently. Commute to and from work, then enjoy recreation on the weekends, all in one bike. The best hybrid bikes are likely to be lightweight and nimble and climb hills easily.  However, you should know that most hybrids will be stronger in one style than another. You won’t find a bike that excels at everything, and the poorest hybrids get the worst of both worlds, and won’t handle well on any kind of terrain.


Your bike will be shipped to you and will probably come partially assembled. For assembling your bike, some sellers offer free assembly. Some offer assembly for an additional cost. Some offer no assembly. In any event, be prepared to do some assembly yourself, or you can locate a local bike shop in your area who can do the work for you.

Extra Purchases

You will want to check the rules of the road in your area, to see what equipment might be required by law. Otherwise, you want to be a safe rider and be prepared for contingencies. Consider purchasing the following items.

  • Bike Equipment: Reflectors and front and rear lights for visibility. Bring a spare tube, portable pump, and any light tools so you can easily make quick repairs on the go.
  • Clothing: Wear practical clothing that covers your arms and legs. It is absolutely essential to have a good helmet and pads. Shoes should be close-toed with a rubber sole. A reflective safety vest improves your visibility. You should also pack a poncho in case of rain.
  • Useful Accessories: Other accessories you might want to include a water bottle to stay hydrated, and a knapsack for carrying your gear. A bell or whistle helps you to alert others to your presence.

One thing that’s very important is having a good, comfortable seat. Even on a great seat, it can take your body a few days to adjust if you aren’t used to regular riding. After a few trips, if you don’t like the seat, it is generally possible to switch it out and find the right seat that gives you the best accommodation. Seats these days can be quite advanced with ergonomic shapes, flexible frames, gel padding, and springs.

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