July 10, 2020

Best Stabilizers For GoPro Reviews In 2020

The Best Stabilizers For GoPro is one of the essential accessories you need to have whether you are an amateur or professional filmmaker. It will help keep your camera stable when you are shooting video footage. The stabilizer will expand the capabilities of the camera and allow it to capture high-quality images at different positions, including ground levels and complicated situations. You will not need to worry about holding your hands still when you are taking pictures or shooting videos with your camera. The stabilizer will also allow you to shoot action footage much easily and quickly. If you are a professional filmmaker, you can attach tools such as strobes and microphones to the stabilizer for better quality video footage. If GoPro is your favorite camera, here are the top 3 best stabilizers for GoPro in 2020 reviews.

1. Calas 3-way Grip Stabilizer Mount with Tripod Adapter for GoPro

Calas 3-way Grip Stabilizer Mount with Tripod Adapter for GoPro


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This stabilizer features a three-way design that allows you to use it in three ways, which include as a camera grip, tripod and extension arm. It offers you convenience with the adjustable folding arm. You can be able to shoot video footage at any angle with it and take selfies without the mount interfering with the shoot. The stabilizer also features a waterproof design that allows you to take pictures and record videos underwater. It comes with a handle that can be easily detached from the arm and utilized as a camera. The handle features a lightweight design, and as a result, you will not experience any difficulty using it. Inside it, there is a tripod stand that you can remove and use it on its own or together with the handle. For the money, this stabilizer is a great investment that you will not regret buying at all.


– Nothing in the stabilizer is loose or flimsy, so you will be able to take high-quality pictures and record high-quality video footage without any misgivings.

– The top part of the stabilizer has a nice push button that allows you to fix your camera with ease.

– It folds down into a compact size for ease of storing and transportation.

– It is really great for selfies.


– It is water-resistant but not fully waterproof.

2. The OFFICIAL ROXANT PRO Video Camera Stabilizer for GoPro

The OFFICIAL ROXANT PRO Video Camera Stabilizer for GoPro


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You are definitely going to love the superior design and construction that this GoPro stabilizer features. It provides pro-style stabilization with reduced shake and motion compared to other types of stabilizers. Apart from being perfect for GoPro cameras, you can also use it with DSLRs, point and shoot cameras, smartphones and video cameras. It comes equipped with a comfort grip handle that allows you to use it for long without feeling pain or fatigue in your hands and get elegant shots. It comes with three separate counterweights that you can use to adjust balance precisely in order to get the best shots. You can use it for shooting motion pictures in tight spaces, through crowds, on stairs, in cars as well as when you are skating, walking or running.


– It has a super sturdy design

– This is in inexpensive

– It has a unique non-slip grip on the lower arm to reduce fatigue


– The rotational inertia is a bit low

– The friction in the gimbal seems to be too high

3. Opteka X-GRIP Professional Action Stabilizing Handle Specifically Made for GoPro HD Hero4, Hero3+ and Hero3

Opteka X-GRIP Professional Action Stabilizing Handle Specifically Made for GoPro HD Hero4, Hero3+ and Hero3

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The incredible support that this stabilizer offers makes it one of the best stabilizers for GoPro to buy whether you are a professional or amateur user. It comes with a removable shoe attachment that allows you to add a video light, microphone and flash very easily. You can use it with any compact camera or camcorder that features a standard ¼ – 20 thread. It is perfect for use in all weather conditions because of the high-grade ABS impact-resistant material that it is made of. Other features include cushioned NBR paddled handle to alleviate fatigue and pain in the hands when filming for long and non-slip rubber rails.


– It is perfect for filming for longer periods of time

– That is very sturdy and does not make any noise while holding the camera

– It features a lightweight design

– A lot of accessories can be mounted to it


– It may not the smoothest stabilizer when you are walking or running around.

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