July 11, 2020

Best Table Lamps Reviews in (2020)

As most interior designers will attest, the best table lamps add aesthetic appeal to your home by complementing the rest of your décor. On top of that, the best table lamps must work well and provide enough light for reading and other activities. With this in mind, here are three table lamps you might consider:

What is the Best Table Lamps to buy in 2020?

Fulcrum 20020-108 LED Sensor Table Lamp


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This understated white lamp is unobtrusive and inconspicuous. Meanwhile, it features LED Floodlight Technology which provides bright light coverage – plus it’s also glare-free and will not cause discomfort. For your convenience, this table lamp is completely wireless and as such, requires absolutely no installation. Simply prop it up on any flat surface upon purchase and it’s instantly ready for use. Moreover, the lamp is motion sensing and will automatically turn on if the sensors catch motion, making it an energy-efficient device. Alternatively, the dual-mode switch gives you the option to turn the lamp on all the time. Since the lamp is battery-operated, you can be sure that it will always work, even during a power outage, making it a reliable and safe choice. However, do take note that the lamp requires 4 C batteries, which have to be purchased separately.

Reviewers in favor of this light stated that it was simple yet highly functional. The motion sensors worked really well and more importantly, the lamp gave out just the right amount of light without inducing glare. Hence, it was a very useful product. On the other hand, a few users said that it was flimsily built and did not look solid. Also, they thought that the lamp was too small for their use.

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Dennis East 76448 Ceramic Table Lamp


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This elegant table lamp has a ceramic center propped upon a wooden base. It is plain white and weighs 3.4 pounds. It is electric-powered, relying on 60 watts and therefore, it comes with an electric cord. The dimensions of this lamp are 15 x 10 inches, so it is a petite lamp that will be a nice addition to your room.

According to customers, this little lamp is the ideal size for a table or desk. Furthermore, it provides just the right amount of light for their purposes. Despite this, one reviewer complained that the lamp arrived broken. To top it off, the lamp seems poorly made, perhaps indicating that it lacks quality.

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LumiSource LS-L-WOOPSY Desk Lamp


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This fun and whimsical lamp comes in three bright and distinct colors: blue, pink and yellow. Light is emitted from a 40-watt bulb, which unfortunately, is not included with purchase. Again, it is quite a small lamp, measuring 15.5 x 5.5 x 7.5 inches, yet its modern and unique design makes it a great conversation starter and a wonderful statement piece.

Users were primarily attracted to the design, which they thought was cool and cute. Its petite size made this lamp ideal as a night light. Having said that, users also thought that the lamp was flimsy and poorly made. In particular, it did not have an even finish as the screws and bolts could be seen from certain angles. Last but not least, the lamp could not fit a standard-sized bulb.

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Buying the Best Table Lamps

Simply because most users preferred it, we suggest getting the Fulcrum 20020-108 LED Sensor Table Lamp. The best table lamps have to look and work great, so once you find the right one just sit back and enjoy good lighting from the lamp.


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