July 10, 2020

Best Tricycles for Adults 2020 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Most people associate tricycles with young kids or children, but did you know that manufacturers produce the best tricycles for adults as well? Yes, even an adult who is young at heart can enjoy riding an adult tricycle, also known as a three-wheel bicycle.

Best Tricycles for Adults Buying Guide

3 wheel bikes for adults carry many advantages over a regular bicycle, especially for people who need specialized riding experience. An adult tricycle is easier to ride than a bike and you don’t have to maintain balance. They are built for stability and durability. Most are lower to the ground, allowing for very easy mounts and dismounts, and even resting your feet on the ground for a break when you pause a ride. Many trikes for adults can accommodate a high weight, so you can ride and use for errands such as groceries or transporting packages. The available riding positions (either upright or recumbent) are more natural and provide much less stress on your back and hips. Now you have no more excuses – you can get some exercise outside in the fresh air, and you can go around town where you need to go without asking a friend for a ride.

As you are researching your best tricycles for adults, here are some features to consider. If you hope to use it for transporting items, make sure to get one with a big basket and check the total weight it will accommodate. Apart from their frame, a tricycle bike has similar components to those of a bike. Therefore it will be easy to find replacement parts, in case, breaks down and needs repair. Adult tricycles can have single-speed or multi-speed gears and generally have dual brakes. You’ll want to look for a well-cushioned seat.

best tricycles for adults come in a range of styles and price points. Here are a few general types of tricycles you might consider. Upright tricycles are the most common type. For a daring and cool twist, you can seek out a chopper tricycle, which is an upright tricycle with a bit of attitude. Recumbent and semi-recumbent styles have a pedal-forward design for very easy pedaling and allow for a comfortable, relaxed riding position. The recumbent style is quite low to the ground and some riders might find this more difficult. In this case, the semi-recumbent style is a better option. Some tricycles are folding tricycles. They have a collapsible mechanism for easy storage. An industrial tricycle is quite heavy-duty to handle large loads. Electric tricycles are pedal-optional. They are the priciest option but you will find it worth the cost to let the tricycle do most of the work for you.

Prudent accessories to have included a helmet, headlamp, bell/whistle, front and rear lights, and a water bottle. Any kind of knapsack or carry-all will be very useful for toting your essentials, either by carrying it on your back or strapping it to the trike. Pack a spare tube, portable pump, and any light tools required to make a quick fix on the go. Wear bright and visible clothing (such as a safety vest) and suitable close-toed shoes with gripping rubber soles. Some of these items may be required by law in your area, so check with your local police department if you aren’t sure of the rules of the road.

Your three-wheeled bike will be shipped to you and will probably come partially assembled. For assembling your tricycle, some sellers offer free assembly. Some offer assembly for an additional cost. Some offer no assembly. In any event, be prepared to do some assembly yourself, or you can locate a local bike shop in your area who can do the work for you.

The guide below highlights some of the best tricycles for adults that we’ve identified.

1. Kent Adult Westport Folding Tricycle

Kent Adult Westport Folding Tricycle


The Kent Adult Westport Folding Tricycle is a solid mid-range tricycle. It meets all the basic requirements a casual rider has for affordability, comfort, and simplicity.

The heavy-duty tough steel frame is engineered for durability and longevity. The step-through design makes mounting and dismounting a breeze. Linear-pull brakes are quite powerful, even on slick surfaces, and ideal for all-around riding. The single-speed is ideal for riding around town on level surfaces.

You will have a top-class riding experience with best-in-class features built for comfort. Enjoy the extra-wide, comfortable seat, and adjustable upright handlebars. 20-inch wheels, with 36-spoke alloy rims, provide exceptional stability, making the trike nearly impervious to toppling. A suspension fork cushions your ride when encountering potholes and bumps, absorbing shock and reducing vibration from rough roads. The handy cargo basket is ideal for all kinds of cargo and even your pet. But the best part of this trike is how easily it is stored. The 20-inch wheels are less bulky than some other models. And the folding mechanism allows for easy storage even in small spaces. You can also easily load your adult folding tricycle into a van or car to take along on a trip.

Overall the Kent Adult Westport Folding Tricycle is perfect for either a new rider or someone revisiting their youth. The simple operation is ideal for riders of any experience level. Overall, this is an excellent choice if you want a practical, affordable, versatile trike with quality construction.

2. Northwoods Rock Point Adult Trike, 24-Inch

Northwoods Rock Point Adult Trike, 24-Inch


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The Northwoods Rock Point Adult Trike is an exceptional choice for comfort and stability for any rider, regardless of their fitness or skill level. The trike is designed with top-shelf components for quality construction and functionality.

The high-tensile steel frame on a wide wheelbase will cling to the ground with its low center of gravity, resisting tipping or toppling. Large 24-inch wheels grip the road surface and roll effortlessly over the ground. A suspension fork assists in reducing vibrations from rough roads, and absorbing impact from ruts and cracks. This versatile trike comes with 7-speed Shimano Revo twist shifters, so you can change your pedaling intensity on uphills and downhills, choosing the right speed for the road surface, and reducing muscle strain. The revolutionary forward-pedal design makes pedaling effortless, unleashing the most performance with less pedaling. Stopping is precise and reliable with front linear-pull brakes and rear drum brakes.

The Northwood Rock Point Adult Trike is well designed for comfort. Ride in a relaxed upright position thanks to the wide-sweeping handlebars. Sit on the plush spring saddle and enjoy the lumbar seat back support. A front fender helps reduce spraying of mud and dust. A huge rear basket for cargo will come in handy no matter how you want to use this trike.

Overall this is a well-crafted, high-performance trike with tons of visual style. You’ll be well pleased with the handling and reliability of the Northwood Rock Point Adult Trike.

3. Mobo Triton Pro- The Ultimate Three Wheeled Cruiser

Mobo Cruiser Triton Pro Ultimate Three Wheeled Cruiser, Blue, 20-Inch

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The Mobo Triton Pro is a recumbent trike designed with all the qualities a casual rider could ask for. It’s an excellent investment for getting exercise, fresh air, and recreation. It’s one of the best three-wheel bikes for seniors.

You will enjoy the sportier look, stylish finish, and low chassis of this trike. The durable steel frame is fully adjustable to accommodate riders ranging from 4 feet up to 6 feet 3 inches. The ergonomic recumbent design reduces strain and stress in your shoulders and arms. The Mobo Triton Pro incorporates a cutting edge rear-wheel steering system. The benefits of rear-wheel steering include a lighter weight, a smaller turning radius, and an exceptional riding experience. This is no speed demon but is great for cruising at moderate speeds around the neighborhood. The Mobo Triton Pro is single-speed and has no chains, meaning that maintenance will be a breeze with fewer parts to manage. Caliper handbrakes provide excellent stopping power even on wet pavement. What puts Mobo in a class of their own, is their attention to the smaller details. For safety and visibility, the Mobo Triton Pro includes a safety flag extending over the low height of the bike.

Consumers have been pleased with this trike’s performance, using for leisurely trips and moderate exercise. Overall, the Mobo Triton Pro is an excellent choice if you want a practical, easy to maintain tricycle with quality construction.

4. Dirt King WindRoamer Adult Tricycle

WindRoamer Adult Dually in Yellow


Most people associate tricycles with young kids or children, but this is no kid’s trike. If you are an adult, the kid inside you will enjoy the Dirt King Windroamer Adult Tricycle.

Dirt King constructs their Adult Trikes of heavy-duty 14 gauge steel. The frame is a step-through design, making mounting and dismounting so easy. This tricycle comes equipped with all-terrain dual pneumatic tires mounted on heavy-duty steel rims with 5/8 inch steel ball-bearings. These sturdy, shock-absorbing tires, along with a spring-loaded shock absorber under the seat, help reduce vibrations from rough roads and absorb impact from ruts and cracks. The large seat is adjustable, and patented tilting padded handlebars, with an upright rider profile, are great for your maximum comfort on this smooth-riding trike. The Dirt King WindRoamer is a single speed tricycle and has no chain. This means that maintenance will be cheap and easy. What puts Dirt King in a class of their own, is their attention to the smaller details. This trike is loaded with extra nice features such as a headlight in two modes (constant or flashing), tail light, ringer bell, and detachable front basket.

You will find that the Dirt King WindRoamer is a durable and sturdy trike for all of your riding and transporting needs. Ride at a leisurely pace while exercising your leg and back muscles. Invest in a Dirt King today.

5. Worksman Port-O-Trike Folding Adult Tricycle


When you need a tough heavy-duty machine, go with an industrial trike. The Worksman Port-O-Trike Folding Adult Tricycle is a top-rated trike in the industrial class. Worksman Cycles is a world leader in industrial and adult recreation tricycles.

The Worksman Port-O-Trike is constructed with a heavy-duty steel frame. This tricycle comes equipped with 20” tires with standard steel rims. These top-shelf tires have improved grip and stability even on wet surfaces. The Port-O-Trike accommodates riders of all sizes, from 4 ½ feet to 6 feet tall. Ride in a relaxed, upright style to reduce strain on your back and shoulders. The Worksman Port-O-Trike featured here is a single speed tricycle, but it is also available in a versatile three-speed model. The rear basket is highly durable for carrying all sorts of cargo or packages. A terrific feature of this bike is that it is foldable. Use a single latch mechanism to collapse the bike down for transport in an SUV, minivan, or station wagon. It will also fit securely on most automotive car racks.

There can be no doubt that the Worksman Port-O-Trike Folding Adult Tricycle is a durable and sturdy trike for heavy-duty jobs. No matter your exercise or transport needs, it is the perfect machine for you.

6. Torker TriStar 2.1 3-Speed Adult Trike


The Torker TriStar 2.1 Adult Trike is a premium tricycle in a class of its own. It combines the practical features of other adult tricycles with the more technically advanced features of a bicycle.

The Torker TriStar 2.1 Adult Trike is known for its sturdiness and stability due to its heavy-duty steel frame. The low-profile step-through design is very convenient for even petite riders. The oversized tubular fork contributes to exceptional handling and accessibility. The front wheel is larger than the back two wheels, which is an exceptionally engineered design for improved stability and handling. Although a single-speed version is available, you will enjoy the versatility and freedom of having three speeds. Multiple gears improve the efficiency of your pedaling and allow you to ride on more variable terrain. The high-performance Sturmy Archer 3-speed gearing, coupled with twist shifter, is a best-in-class component. Locking brake levers allow for safer and more precise stops. The trike also includes a chain guard, front fender, and durable rear metal basket. Ride in a natural upright position on the plush padded seat, and enjoy the comfortable feeling.

Overall this is a well-crafted, high-performance trike with tons of visual style. No matter your errand for the day, or even if you are just out for a casual exercise session, you’ll be well pleased with the handling and reliability of the Torker TriStar 2.1 3-Speed Adult Trike.

7. Schwinn Meridian Adult 26-Inch 3-Wheel Bike

Schwinn Meridian Adult 26-Inch 3-Wheel Bike (Black Cherry)


The Schwinn Meridian Adult 3-Wheel Bike is proof positive that you don’t have to sacrifice quality and performance if you are looking for an economical machine. It is a practical, well-constructed bike that won’t bust your budget.

The frame is sturdy, lightweight aluminum with a sleek, classic profile that is quite stylish. Large 26” tires provide more speed while still being engineered for stability. They provide an unsurpassed smooth and comfortable cruise. Linear-pull brakes and a handbrake are quite powerful, even on slick surfaces, and ideal for all-around riding. The single-speed operation is quite simple and will be very low maintenance. This bike is perfect for cruising around your neighborhood or running errands. Best-in-class features such as wide handlebars and a padded spring saddle will deliver maximum comfort for you. An ingenious feature is a foldable basket. Load the basket up with your items, or if you have a wider load, fold the basket down flat and attach your cargo to it.

This practical bicycle is reliable and affordable, with a surprising number of features for the price. The Schwinn Meridian Adult 3-Wheel Bike is an outstanding purchase.

8. Iglobalbuy Yellow 24″ 6-Speed 3 Wheel

Iglobalbuy Yellow 24" 6-Speed 3 Wheel Adult Bicycle Tricycle Trike Cruise Bike


The Iglobalbuy 24” 6-Speed Three Wheel Bike is an excellent economical adult tricycle. This versatile bike can handle all manner of terrain with ease.

The durable frame is made of high-carbon steel, with a convenient step-through design. It is very easy to get on and off. 24” tires, paired with alloy rims and stainless-steel spokes, contribute to exceptional handling and maneuverability. The high-performance 6-speed shifter and drivetrain are quite easy and intuitive to use. Even on a tricycle, you now have the flexibility to navigate different kinds of terrain including uphill and downhill. Improve your pedaling efficiency and change the intensity, in order to reduce muscle strain in your legs and calves. The tricycle is equipped with linear-pull brakes and a handbrake, engineered for top performance and maneuverability. The Iglobalbuy 24” 6-Speed Three Wheel Bike allows you to ride upright in comfort. You will have such a smooth ride in the unbeatable padded spring cruiser saddle. A convenient rear basket also folds down into a flatbed, converting to meet all of your cargo transporting needs, whether it’s schoolbooks or a picnic basket.

You will enjoy riding the Iglobalbuy 24” 6-Speed Three Wheel Bike. This mid-range bicycle meets all the basic requirements a casual rider has for affordability, comfort, and simplicity.

9. Mobo Shift- The World’s First Reversible Three Wheeled Cruiser

Mobo Shift (Black) The Worlds First Reversible Cruiser (20")


The Mobo Shift is a revolutionary product in the world of adult tricycles and three-wheeled bicycles. Your riding experience on this machine will be of unparalleled quality.

The durable steel frame of the Mobo Shift is engineered for high-performance and responsiveness. Hand brakes and an emergency braking system are designed for optimal responsiveness and durability. The Mobo Shift is chainless, therefore needing less maintenance. The single-speed gear is quite standard and simple in operation. However, Mobo has added the unique reverse gear, which allows greater maneuverability and handling in tight corners. Even more precise handling is available thanks to the free-wheel hub and a dual-joystick steering system. No other tricycle will match the comfort and versatility of the Mobo Shift. The frame has 10 slot adjustments, to comfortably fit riders from 4 feet to over 6 feet. Relax into the ergonomic reclining padded seat with six angle settings.

In short, you will feel like a world-class celebrity in this unique recumbent three-wheeled bicycle. Others will marvel at the amazing handling and performance of the Mobo Shift. It’s a well-crafted, high-performance bike with tons of visual style.

10. PFIFF Adult Grazia Electric Tricycle (24″ & 26″ wheels), Silver

PFIFF Adult Grazia Electric Tricycle (24" & 26" wheels), Silver


If you have need of an electric tricycle, the PFIFF Adult Grazia Electric Tricycle is an exceptional choice. Its construction is world-class, and the power and versatility are well worth the investment. Where other trikes are the equivalent of Hyundais and Kias, this exceptional machine is more like a Ferrari.

High-quality construction starts with a heavy-duty TIG-welded steel frame for unsurpassed durability and stability. Schwalbe reflective tires with double-walled alloy rims are puncture resistant and roll easily over the pavement thanks to low friction. The best-in-class suspension features will give you a smooth and undisturbed ride, without being jounced about by ruts and cracks. The PFIFF Adult Grazia Electric Tricycle comes equipped with alloy v-brakes and coaster brakes for powerful, responsive stopping function. It even has a parking brake so you can safely leave it unattended even on an incline. Mount the tricycle with ease thanks to the low step-through profile. Ride in a comfortable upright position and enjoy the padded seat and handlebar grips. This tricycle can support riders up to 265 pounds.

The most valuable feature of the PFIFF Adult Grazia Electric Tricycle is the 7-speed internal Shimano hub and the Bosch center motor with a 400-watt battery. Now you can add the power of the Bosch Active Line Engine to your pedal action. 7 speeds allow flexibility and versatility in traveling on many types of terrain, including uphill and downhill. Choose between four different support modes to get the motor assistance you need. The battery reaches a full charge in four hours. On a full battery, the torque-controlled motor can go up to 27-37 miles under ideal conditions, at 15 miles per hour. Note that the actual performance will vary based on the total weight of the rider and cargo, as well as the type of terrain where you are riding.

Overall this is a high-quality machine. If you want to ride in comfort and style, trusting in the machine’s dependability, you will be a proud and satisfied owner of the PFIFF Adult Grazia Electric Tricycle.

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