July 10, 2020

Best Tricycles for Babies of 2020 – Reviews & Buying Guide

If you want to buy a baby tricycle you’re in luck. In this article, I show you the best tips for you to buy the ideal model for your baby and above all, I show you a list of the best tricycles for babies of the moment. I invite you to continue reading so you can know them.

Injusa Body Sports baby tricycle

Injusa Body Sports baby tricycle


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First of all, I present to you a fantastic baby tricycle. You can be sure that your baby can have everything you need to enjoy a good tricycle, and all in exchange for a very affordable price. Without forgetting that it has been manufactured by the renowned brand Injusa. This brand only we hear it makes us think of a quality children’s product.

If you buy this model of the tricycle, you will see that when you get home comes disassembled. You may think that it will be very difficult to mount it, but this will not be the case. The tricycle will be very easy to assemble, so in a few minutes, you will have it assembled and ready for your baby to start enjoying it.

It is a tricycle that you can direct it very easily, which will avoid more than one back pain. When your son or daughter begins to grow, then the tricycle will no longer have to direct you. And all this without forgetting that it is a really ergonomic tricycle.

The model has been manufactured with high-quality plastics and very resistant to shocks. This is a factor to keep in mind as your baby is sure to give more than one blow.

I love this model not only for its design but also for its adaptation to the baby. The tricycle will evolve as your child grows, so you can enjoy it for many more years.

Chipolino baby tricycle

Chipolino baby tricycle


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A tricycle should never miss your baby. If you have not yet decided which one to buy, I invite you to take into account the option offered by the Chipolino brand. It really is not one of the best-known brands in the market, but from now on I can assure you that you will make a good purchase if you bet on this model.

The tricycle really stands out for being an evolutionary tricycle. It is perfect for children from a year and a half to children of 5 years. When the kids in the house are very small, they will need you to guide them. This operation will be very simple. But when he grows up, they will want to go alone. In this case, you only have to remove the bar and so your child can go anywhere. Of course, always be careful not to get on the road.

I am very impressed by your rotating seat in 360º. This is not very common, but in this case, we find this variety. It is an interesting function for beginnings. This way the baby will be able to look at the father or the mother and can enjoy the experience of riding a tricycle.

In the back of the tricycle, we find a small tray. In it, your child will be able to keep their personal belongings and thus take them to all the sites. It’s not very big, but more than enough to carry a toy.

The operation is very simple with the objective that your child does not have a hard time moving on the tricycle.

Tricycle for baby Homcom

Tricycle for baby Homcom


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If your child is over 24 months old, I am sure that this tricycle will come in handy. It’s a model a little bigger than the others. Thanks to this the baby will be able to use it for a longer time, although of course, it is recommended to buy for children from 2 years of age.

Despite being a low-priced model, it has a good design and above all will offer your child all the security measures you need. Come on, it’s goodbye.

The wheels may seem a little weird, but they have been distributed in that way to prevent the baby from getting his feet and getting hurt. As for the pedals, they are very easy to use. This way your baby will begin to exercise a little more his legs and thus will get more strength in them while moving with the tricycle. Moreover, since it weighs little more than 5 kg, your child can move without problems with the tricycle, even when he is 2 years old.

I like some details like the fender or the doorbell that it incorporates. They are small details that call me a lot of attention and I’m sure they will like your son very much. Specifically, I’m referring to the timbre detail.

Its structure is made of metal. You can be sure that the tricycle will handle the small blows very well. Do not forget that you have passed all security measures.

Feber baby tricycle

Feber baby tricycle


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This tricycle stands out for being of very good quality and especially for being one of the best sellers. This is because for the quality-price you get a very good grade and above all that its design is very attractive. It’s a perfect tricycle for your son or daughter to use. What’s more, you can buy it in blue like the one I show you in the image, or you can buy it in pink or with the special design of Heidi, which has been very successful in recent months.

One of the things that I like about this model is its wheels. They are very light and thanks to the fact that they are made of rubber, they are very silent. This means that the baby can use his tricycle at home when someone is sleeping without problems. It is a detail that I personally find very interesting.

The footrest is foldable, and the push handle is very comfortable for the person who uses it. Not only because it can be regulated in 3 different heights, but because of its softness. This way it will be much more comfortable to push your son or daughter while enjoying the tricycle.

The model adapts to your baby’s growth. This is possible because the seat can be adjusted so that your child can enter inside without problems.

And to improve its safety, the model includes a safety belt, which very few tricycles include. As if this were not enough, include other extras such as lights and sounds, parasol and bottle holder among other things. It really does not surprise me that it is one of the best sellers, because the quality is a great alternative.

Tricycle for baby Moltó with safety belt

Tricycle for baby Moltó with safety belt


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One of the safest tricycles on the market is offered by the Molto brand. This brand is committed to offering high-quality tricycles at a very attractive price. For this reason, I have decided to include it in this list since in my opinion it is perfect if you care and much about the safety of your baby.

As you will see if you buy it, it has a high-quality safety belt, which will stop the baby in case of a hit. Thus, your integrity will be assured. I know that in a tricycle the baby cannot go very fast, but the belt will reduce the blow if it occurs.

I really like this model because it has a freewheel function. In addition, in the part designed for parents to push your child, it includes a transport bag, in which you can keep things from your baby so you can always carry them.

The problem, in my opinion, is that this model comes quite disassembled. This means that you will have to spend a lot of time assembling. For you to calculate, at least you will have to dedicate 30 minutes in the assembly, although sometimes the time may be longer. But once mounted you will realize that it is a great alternative.

Fisher-Price baby tricycle multicolor

Fisher-Price baby tricycle multicolor


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Surely you know the Fisher-Price brand and for that, you know that this brand manufactures high-quality products at a good price. That is why I have decided to include your most important tricycle in this list.

We really talk about a 3 in 1 tricycle and it is perfect for children between 12 and 36 months old.

Surely your design will attract you a lot. Its range of colors makes the tricycle not only like you when you see it, but also like your baby. Thanks to these colors your baby will want to use it and will not abandon it due to lack of interest.

It has many extras that will help you see what a great alternative it is. I must emphasize its adjustable handle, its seat or its speed limiter among many other things.

The handle to guide the baby is quite long and can be adjusted in height. This way, each parent will be able to regulate him at his height and will not have to bend down to be able to take his son down the street. It really is very comfortable for parents.

Like other models mentioned above, this tricycle is very safe. And I do not want to forget that it includes a parasol, to prevent the sun from directly to your child and therefore can be much more comfortable, especially during summer days.

It is a tricycle that will help your child have a lot of fun.

Evolving baby tricycle Fascol

Evolving baby tricycle Fascol


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To finish the list I want to talk about a tricycle that I liked a lot. It is a very interesting evolutionary tricycle, thanks to which your baby will be able to grow by your side. That is, it can be used by children from 12 months to 5 years. What’s more, if your baby is a little bit, it may even be used after 6 months of age.

The tricycle can be modified easily as your child grows. Thanks to this, your child can use it without problems, at least until weighing 30 kg. When your child exceeds this weight, then you should think about buying your child a bicycle adapted to their age.

It has a high-quality handle. With this high-quality handle, you can easily control the steering or what is the same, it is very easy to maneuver model.

If you want your child to be at ease, do not hesitate, this model will offer you the comfort you are looking for. It has a very padded seat.

As in other cases, the model has a safety belt of 5 points, to which we must add a protection bar. The goal is that your baby can always be as safe as possible. Of course, to enjoy this security, you must buckle the belt.

Tips for Buying the Best Tricycles for Babies

We all love to be able to buy our children a good tricycle. It is really the first vehicle that we bought, later we will buy different bicycles, automatic cars, motorcycles, cars … but the first vehicle that we are going to buy is the tricycle. This makes the purchase really exciting. But when it comes to buying the best tricycles for Babies, the best thing you can do is to take into account the advice that I am going to show you, remembering that in no case should you acquire the first tricycle you find.

To start you should make sure that the tricycle is really stable and therefore your baby can go really safe inside. To see if it is really stable, you should read the opinion of third parties or buy directly the models that I have recommended previously.

Do not forget to make sure you buy a tricycle adapted to your child’s age. Not all models are suitable for the same ages. There are models suitable for children from 6 months, 12 months … there are many options from which you can choose. But if you do not want to have problems, I recommend buying an evolutionary tricycle directly. This way you can be sure that your son will be able to use it for many years of his life. Some models can be used by children up to 5 years of age.

It can be interesting to see if it is easy to handle and maneuver. Not only for when you are going to direct it but especially for when your child has to control it for himself. Not all models are equally lightweight.

Wheels are another factor to consider. These will make more or less noise depending on the material with which the wheels have been manufactured. If your goal is to get the tricycle to be used at home for a good part of the time, you should always choose wheels that make little noise.

The safety of the tricycle is very important. You should always check that it has been approved and above all, you should see that it has a safety bar and seat belt. Not all models include these extras. You must choose if you are interested in paying for it or not because your son is not going to go at great speeds with the tricycle. The puppets should always be soft and should protect the hands of your children. Personally, I recommend that the sapphire be rubber and not plastic, which could burn your hands.

Finally, you should look at the design. Thanks to the fact that there are many models of tricycles in the market, you can buy your baby the model that you like the most in terms of design and range of colors.

And once you have decided on the model you want to acquire, the last step will be to see where to buy the cheap tricycle. Personally, I recommend you make the purchase online to always get the best possible prices. Also, they always send you home, so you will not have to worry about searching for your ideal model. Using the internet is the best option that you can bet on.

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