July 11, 2020

Best Vacuum Cleaners for Pet Hair Reviews (2020)

Greetings to all you pet lovers! It goes without saying that we adore our furry companions. But cleaning up after them can be a problem. Stray piles of hair are unsightly when you are wanting to have guests over. Or maybe you just want to be able to sit on your couch without collecting pet hair on your clothes. Dander and dust in animals’ fur can also become airborne, causing problems with people who have asthma or are susceptible to allergens. When it is time to clean, pet hair can be stubborn. But we’ve found 10 Best Vacuum Cleaners for Pet Hair that are robust enough to rise to the challenge.

Buying Guide Best Vacuum Cleaners for Pet Hair

When shopping for the best Vacuum cleaners for Pet hair, consider what kind of surface you are cleaning, whether hardwood, carpet, or area rugs. Deep-pile carpets obviously require greater suction. Vacuums often excel at one kind versus the other, but some are good all-round multi-surface vacuums. If you’ll want to clean upholstery and drapes, you should get a handheld vacuum, or use an upright that has appropriate attachments. If you have stairs or hard-to-reach spots to clean, you’ll want a vacuum that’s maneuverable and portable. You have long-haired pets, you will need stronger suction and a more intense cleaning than short-haired pet owners.

The style of vacuum will determine its maneuverability as well as its efficacy. Full-sized uprights offer more powerful suction, but this requires a trade-off in portability. Handheld vacuums are more versatile but they will probably not be as strong and effective. Similarly, cordless vacuums allow for greater freedom of movement, but since they are battery powered you might find that they are a bit weaker and less reliable.

A home with pets is more susceptible to airborne allergens caused by the pet dander. You should find a vacuum with a good filtration system, such as HEPA, to keep particles from accumulating in the air. Bagged vacuums are better than the bagless models at keeping dirt contained, so if you suffer from allergies we would recommend a bagged vacuum. However, they are a bit more expensive because you have to replace the bags. Also, some people find replacing the bags a messy and unpleasant chore.

There are many other features to consider. Capacity of the bag or canister is important, so you can clean for longer periods without having to stop and empty it out. But remember that more capacity means more weight. Weight can be an important factor, as it determines how much energy it takes to move the vacuum cleaner around and whether you can work easily and quickly. Many people prefer lightweight vacuums for the ease of use without straining or injury.

The best Vacuum cleaners for Pet hair will typically come with crevice tools, nozzle tools, adjustable wands, and brush tools. These tools provide flexibility in cleaning various kinds of surfaces and removing stubborn messes. A revolving brush tool makes it easier to remove long hair from the carpet or floor. Long hoses are useful for reaching out-of-the-way places.

Below we have collected our top picks for the best Vacuum cleaners for Pet hair removal on the market today.

1. BLACK+DECKER BDH2020FLFH MAX Lithium Flex Vacuum

BLACK+DECKER BDH2020FLFH MAX Lithium Flex Vacuum


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The BLACK+DECKER BDH2020FLFH MAX Lithium Flex Vacuum is a superior handheld cordless vacuum. It comes equipped with a four-foot hose to assist in removing embedded dirt and material. At only 3.8 pounds empty, this handheld pet hair vacuum is easy to tote around without strain or effort. Dirt is collected in a bagless canister that holds up to 17 ounces. It’s transparent so you can see when it’s time to empty it, and it detaches easily for cleaning. Air quality is guarded by a 3-stage filtration system and a washable cone-type filter.

The vacuum runs on a 20V lithium-ion battery. This battery gives above-average performance, emitting a decent amount of power while using up to 25% less energy than previous models. The battery can last up to 30 minutes on a full charge. Full recharge time is 5 hours, so if needed you can do two cleanings in one day. A quick charging base keeps the unit charged and organizes the accessories.

The Black + Decker Lithium Flex Vacuum has a stick-vac floor extension, plus it comes with terrific accessories to increase its versatility and effectiveness, including pet hair tool, a crevice tool, and a 2-in-1 brush. The crevice and pet hair tools work together to get at hair embedded in hard-to-reach spaces.

Overall you will find that the Black + Decker Lithium Flex Vacuum offers real versatility and reliability. For the price, this is the best handheld vacuum for pet hair.

2. Hoover T-Series WindTunnel Pet Rewind Bagless Upright Vacuum, UH70210

Hoover T-Series WindTunnel Pet Rewind Bagless Upright Vacuum, UH70210


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The Hoover T-Series Pet Rewind Upright Vacuum is consistently praised by consumers and critics for its high performance and reasonable price point. It is designed with the power and strength needed to pick up hair and dander shed by your cat or dog.

This bagless vacuum incorporates Hoover’s proprietary WindTunnel technology for unparalleled powerful suction performance. The 12-amp motor powers the brush roll to loosen debris from carpets without stalling or catching in deep pile carpet fibers. The vacuum is versatile enough to switch between hardwood and carpets with ease, thanks to its 5-position manual adjustment brush roll. In addition, you can use the brush roll-on/off pedal to switch off the brush roll entirely when you are operating the vacuum on hardwood floors. This prevents debris from being scattered around as you move about. The vacuum features a cleanable high-capacity charcoal filter to absorb odors, and a HEPA filter to trap dander and dust.

For cleaning upholstery and stairs, snap on the handheld air-powered Turbo Tool which contains rubber-style blades. These blades trap pet hair and debris efficiently from upholstery so that it can be suctioned away. The vacuum also includes a pet upholstery brush, 12-inch extension wand, and a crevice tool.

This vacuum weighs just under 18 pounds, and you have a wide range of motion thanks to the long 27-foot cord. Storage is a snap thanks to the folding handle and automated cord rewind. Hoover has put a lot of thought into the details on this one, including such features as a headlight and no-scuff bumper. The Hoover T-Series Pet Rewind Bagless Upright Vacuum has packed in a lot of features at an excellent price.

3. Dyson Big Ball Cinetic Animal Bagless Upright Vacuum

Dyson Big Ball Cinetic Animal Bagless Upright Vacuum


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The Dyson Big Ball Cinetic Animal Bagless Upright Vacuum is an exceptionally well-designed vacuum. It will easily clean up even your toughest pet fur messes.

This Dyson pet vacuum uses Dyson’s proprietary cutting edge Cinetic Science(TM) method to prevent microscopic dust from building up and blocking airflow. The amazing result is a reduced loss of suction. And there is no filter to wash out. That’s right, dust separation is so efficient that a filter is not needed on this vacuum. Dirt is collected in a canister with a 64-ounce capacity. The whole machine acts as a HEPA filtration system. It is engineered to create a completely sealed and airtight environment so that no dust escapes back into the air.

This vacuum’s design includes a self-adjusting cleaner head that automatically adjusts to switch between carpets and hard floors. The patented Big Ball(TM) design is engineered to be ergonomic and comfortable. Steer the vacuum easily on its round base with just a turn of the wrist. The cord length is a generous 35 feet, allowing you quite a lot of slack to move around.

The Dyson Big Ball Cinetic Animal Vacuum includes the Tangle-Free Turbine Tool, a specialized tool with counter-rotating heads for removing pet hair from carpets and upholstery.  The flexible heads bend to maintain contact even on uneven surfaces.

Dyson has created several similar versions of the Big Ball Upright Vacuum at different price points. All of them are very similar but come with slightly different features and accessories. This is the vacuum recommended for pet owners as it will handle the heavy-duty work of cleanup after your cat or dog. You could also buy a cheaper Dyson model and then buy the Tangle-Free Turbine tool as a separate purchase.

4. Shark Cordless Pet Perfect II (Model SV780)

Shark Cordless Pet Perfect II (Model SV780)


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The Shark Cordless Pet Perfect II is a dependable handheld cordless vacuum for dog hair at an excellent low price. You will have no worries about pet hair with this tool at your disposal.

The Shark Cordless Pet Perfect II incorporates twister cyclonic technology to obtain a strong suction.  Hair, debris, and dust are collected in a bagless canister. The vacuum includes a washable filter. It runs on a rechargeable 18V battery, which is not as good as some of the other cordless vacs on this list. You can operate the vacuum for 15 minutes on a full charge, and recharge time is 16 hours. However, one plus is that the Shark Perfect II comes with a deluxe charging stand that can be wall-mounted or sit on a flat surface. Included accessories are a crevice and brush tool, and a motorized brush that will easily conquer your messiest pet hair problems. Remove pet hair from just about any imaginable surface.

The Shark Cordless Pet Perfect II is an economical product that is durable enough for everyday use. Use it on upholstery, to spot clean carpet, or even in your car – this versatile and portable vacuum can go with you anywhere.

5. Shark Navigator Lift-Away Vacuum (NV352)

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Vacuum (NV352)


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The Shark Navigator Lift-Away can be had for an economical price, and you can trust it has the power to get the job done. Pet hair will cause you no more trouble, as the Shark Navigator is an ideal vacuum for cat hair.

The Shark Navigator Lift-Away is designed with advanced cyclonic technology that gives you consistent suction power by separating dust particles out without clogging the filters. The operation is quite simple for anyone to use. The Shark Navigator guards your air quality, protecting your lungs and sinus passages, with its best-in-class Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology. Dust particles and allergens are captured and retained in the vacuum instead of the air you breathe. The vacuum also incorporates cutting edge HEPA filters.  Dirt is collected in a 1.2-quart canister.

Embedded fur and fibers in your carpets can’t stand up to the powerful rotating brush that easily agitates and loosens them so they can be suctioned away into the canister. Easily transition between carpets and hardwood floors with the push of a button to switch off the brush on hardwood surfaces. The Shark Navigator Lift-Away features swivel steering and an ergonomic handle for maximum maneuverability, getting into all the nooks and crannies. A quick-release wand with a pet power brush extends your reach high or low.

Tend to your pet hair needs with this convenient and affordable vacuum. The Shark Navigator Lift-Away is one of the best value upright bagless vacuums on the market.

6. Dyson V6 Cord-Free Vacuum

Dyson V6 Cord Free Vacuum


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The Dyson V6 Cord-Free Vacuum is a terrific cordless stick vacuum. Don’t let its small size fool you; this tiny package has a ton of power. Assembly is a snap and operation is easy and stress-free.

The Dyson V6 incorporates a 100,000-rpm motor, making it one of the most powerful cordless vacuums on the market. A motorized cleaning head is suitable for all floor types, with both stiff nylon bristles and carbon fiber filaments. Dirt is collected in a 14-ounce canister. Swivel steering and a lightweight makes this vacuum extremely maneuverable on stairs and in tight corners. An extension tube adds flexibility, for the floor to ceiling cleaning. Also, the wand detaches so you can use this as a handheld vac. The rechargeable battery has a running time of 20 minutes on a full charge. The vacuum recharges in only 3.5 hours.

To tackle your tough pet hair cleanup, you can make use of the two motor-powered Turbo brushes, soft mini-brush, and a crevice tool with an innovative suction release vent. The Dyson V6 prevents particles from collecting in the air with HEPA filtration and a washable post-motor filter.

The Dyson V6 Cord-Free Vacuum is a premium, high-performance product. Customers say it works exactly as advertised and calls it the “Cadillac” of battery-powered vacuums. You will find that this will be your go-to dog hair vacuum.

7. Eureka AS One Pet Bagless Upright Vacuum

Eureka AS One Pet Bagless Upright Vacuum


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This Eureka model doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles, but you will find it to be a practical and efficient machine that won’t bust your budget.

Despite the low price point, you will be satisfied with this vacuum’s performance. It utilizes Eureka’s patented multi-cyclonic technology and a design which controls twists and bends in its air path. This effective solution provides ample suction to collect most stubborn pet hair on carpet or hardwood surfaces. Dirt is collected in a canister that can hold 1.25 quarts. The main feature that this vacuum lacks is a high-end filtering system.

At only 9.6 pounds, this vacuum is a breeze to operate with minimal strain or effort. In addition, the long 30-foot cord and an extensible wand with an 8-foot hose, combine to gives you extra freedom of motion to clean high and low. This vacuum is very easy to maneuver into tight spaces, and its low profile allows for cleaning under furniture. The vacuum comes with a PET Power Paw for deep cleaning of pet hair, as well as a pet dusting brush.

The Eureka AS One Pet Bagless Upright Vacuum is just about the cheapest upright vacuum you can find, while still delivering sturdy and reliable performance and efficiency.

8. Shark Powered Rotator Lift-Away Tru-Pet – Model NV752

Shark Powered Rotator Lift-Away Tru-Pet – Model NV752


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The Shark Powered Rotator Lift-Away Tru-Pet is highly praised for its performance and convenience. It is considered to be one of the best all-around machines for pet owners. It is similar to the cheaper Shark Navigator but has noticeably upgraded features and more suction power.

The Shark Powered Rotator Lift-Away Tru-Pet is a versatile canister vacuum with the power of an upright. You will be quite pleased with the powerful and effective suction to pick up every bit of dust, dirt, and hair. The motorized brush does an outstanding job of loosening stubborn dirt and fibers from the carpet. Like most Shark products, this vacuum is designed with Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology, to keep particles from returning into the air. The vacuum is also equipped with a washable HEPA filter to capture up to 99.9% of the allergens and dander in the air. The canister detaches and empties quite easily and has a capacity of .8 gallons.

Several tools add to this vacuum’s convenience and flexibility, including microfiber pads for bare floors, a crevice tool, and the TruePet premium motorized pet hair power brush. The detachable wand extends your cleaning reach to those out-of-the-way areas. An on-board LED headlight makes it easier to clean dim, shadowed areas. The cord length of 30 feet allows you a large field of motion. The lightweight of only 15.6 pounds makes for a very maneuverable and low-effort vacuuming experience.

The Shark Powered Rotator Lift-Away Tru-Pet delivers outstanding performance and cleaning power. Consumers are very pleased with the quality engineering and the numerous extras.

9. Miele Dynamic U1 Cat and Dog Upright Vacuum

Miele Dynamic U1 Cat and Dog Upright Vacuum


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The Miele Dynamic U1 Cat and Dog Upright Vacuum will deliver high-performance cleaning and ease of use. Advanced technology and superior performance come in a sleek and stylish exterior.

The Miele Dynamic U1 boasts a quiet two-motor system, ideal for pet owners whose pets are skittish around noisier vacuums. The motors power the rotary brush and suction separately, enabling suction power to pick up debris as well as powering the brush too deep clean carpets and loosen embedded hair and dust. The vacuum incorporates Miele’s Air Clean Sealed system, which is comprised of an auto-seal closing filter bag and HEPA filters. Plus, the Active AirClean Charcoal Filter neutralizes and absorbs foul odors.

The Miele Dynamic U1’s proprietary swivel neck design enables unparalleled maneuverability, allowing you to fit into those nooks and corners for hard-to-reach dirt. The vacuum also has a low, flat design so that you can clean all the way under furniture without having to shift it around. This versatile vacuum transitions easily from carpet to hardwood with the automatic height adjustment. Yes, you read that right. The vacuum will automatically adjust to the type of floor being cleaned without losing any suction power.

You will find that this vacuum has exceptional stability thanks to its anti-tip parking device. Now you can use accessories and attachments worry-free. The vacuum includes a mini turbo brush that is highly effective at removing pet hair, dust, and dirt from your upholstery.

This is a premium and well-engineered product that is certainly worth the premium price. The Miele Dynamic U1 Cat and Dog Upright Vacuum will provide reliable and outstanding performance for years to come.

10. Hoover LiNX Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Hoover LiNX Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner


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The Hoover LiNX is a sleek, lightweight cordless stick vacuum at a terrific value. It meets all the basic requirements users have for convenience and performance.

The Hoover LiNX Cordless Stick Vacuum operates on an 18-volt lithium-ion battery. Hoover has thoughtfully included a battery power reader on this model so you can tell when it is getting low. You can expect about 20 minutes of operation on a full charge, and recharging the battery takes about 3 hours. WindTunnel technology provides superior suction, and the powered brush roll easily loosens the most stubborn debris. Dirt is collected in the canister which easily removes for cleaning and emptying. Clean under furniture thanks to the low profile base and the extreme recline handle. The Hoover LiNX is so light and maneuverable, you can easily move it around with no strain. It has the flexible feature of switching from carpet to floor with a flip button in the handle.

This is a great vacuum cleaner at a nice low price. You will find that the WindTunnel suction is powerful enough for most pet hair. If you desire it, a Pet Turbo Tool is sold separately.

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