June 1, 2020

Best Way to Clean a Washing Machine

Are you a DIY person? Do you require the simplest method to leave your washing machine sparkling clean? If yes, then I got you. This manual highlights the best way to clean a washing machine effortlessly.

Washing machines are very useful to ensure that your house is sparkling clean always. Choosing a super functioning machine is wise but not yet complete. You must take good care of the machine to ensure that it lasts longer. Among the crucial precautions that will keep your washing machine for ages, is keeping it clean always. Having a clean machine does mean not only durability but also stainless clothes after washing them.

Therefore, it is very vital to clean the machine after a certain period. After how long should I clean the washing machine? How should I clean the machine? The preceding and many more questions have left the washing machine users hopeless. If you are one of them, then worry less. This article effectively opens your eyes on the appropriate time to clean the washing machine. Moreover, it highlights the best way to clean a washing machine. Keep on reading to learn much more.

Best Way to Clean a Washing Machine


When should I clean the washing machine?

When should you wash the washing machine? Is it after a day, week month, or a year? It is a question that comes with a lot of ambiguity, especially without the relevant knowledge. That is what brings this section in. Unfortunately, some of the users of the machine will realize the necessity of cleaning the machine after some stains in their clothes. Should you continue with the same suffering? The answer is a resounding no

A washing machine should be perfectly-cleaned regularly as possible. It implies that any time that you plan to clean the clothes, the tool should be clean first. If you got a fixed schedule, you might find it hard to clean the machine regularly.  Nevertheless, you can clean the machine after a week or a fortnight. However, if you notice any stains on the drum do not hesitate to clean the machine. How should you go through this vital activity? Relax! Here are the steps on how to perform the task

Steps to clean a washing machine

If your washing machine smells worse than your sweaty clothes, here are the steps to give it a fresh smell. Before you start the cleaning task, you should assemble all the cleaning equipment. Here are the materials that you will require for the task.

Materials and equipment

  • White cleaning vinegar
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Toothbrush
  • Baking soda

Step1; locate the gasket

The gasket is the rubber ring that maintains a seal to ensure that the water does not leak out the drum. Open the washing machine door carefully to ensure that it does not break. Ensure that the door is wide enough to have ample cleaning space.  Pull the gasket open and clean to ensure that nothing is left stuck on the washing machine.

Step 2; vinegar wash

Vinegar is the most preferred detergent to promise a germ-free drum. It dissolves all the soap scum and any possible minerals that would leave hard water when cleaning. Pour 2 cups of the vinegar directly in the drum. Ensure that you pour it thoroughly on every part of the drum surface. Also, do not use excess vinegar with the aim of higher results. Vinegar is an effective detergent, and the required amount will do the cleaning effectively.

Moreover, you can pour the vinegar on the tray. For effective results run the hottest water setting to remove any stuck dirt. The hottest water setting helps to remove the molds and any possible minerals in the drum. In case you notice any black spots after doing the above steps, do not hesitate to pour some more vinegar. Also, run the hottest water settings until the surface is super clean

Step 3; scrub any removable parts

In this step, you will require to use a brush. That sensitizes the reason why you should assemble all the tools before starting the cleaning process. Use the brush to clean all the hard to reach places. They may include the areas under the lid and near the rim. Move the brush in circular motions to ensure that every part is clean. Also, consider overlapping the cleaning sections to remove any stuck dirt and mold.

You are likely to forget the removable parts such as softener well and the bleach. Remove them and scrub them using the brush. After verifying they are clean, place them on a surface to dry. The drying temperatures should be relatively high. However, ensure that they do not temper with constructing materials. Then, replace them in the washing machine after they are completely dry

Step4; clean the front and the top of the washing machine

The front and the top part of the washing machine require cleaning too. Use the microfiber cloth to clean these surfaces. To promise a productive cleaning experience, overlap the cleaning sections to ensure that no part is left untouched. Rinse the surfaces using clean waters free from any contamination

Step5; neutralize the vinegar using the baking powder

Use the hot run and some baking powder to neutralize any leftovers of vinegar. This cycle also helps to clean any loose dirt that may have found their ways in the first cycle. Use a small amount of the baking powder to avoid any particles remaining behind which may stain the clothes


This article has done a recommendable task of discussing the best way to clean a washing machine. Do you have to wait until the odor of the washing machine is not bearable? The answer is no. this article has given the appropriate time to clean the machine. If you got a tight schedule, the washing machine should not go for a fortnight without cleaning. Before you start, the cleaning process ensures that you have a detergent. The detergent helps to kill the bacteria’s mold and the mildew. Moreover, have the baking powder to help neutralize the vinegar. The microfiber cloth will be useful to remove any dirt in the top and the front part of the cleaning machine.

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