June 1, 2020

Blomberg DV17542 Vented Dryer Reviews in (2020)

The Blomberg DV17542 front loader electric dryer features several functions and is offered at the best price ever. Vented dryers are no longer a luxury in any home. Besides making your job super easy, they also save you your precious time which can be used to run other errands. Buying an excellent vented machine is not an easy task. We emphasize the importance of buying the right dryer to get the services that you deserve.

Dryers are affordable but not cheap. It is, therefore, important to consider several factors such as durability, functionality and more before finally paying for it. Remember there are several models in the market and each comes with different functions. This fact even makes it harder for you to pick the right one easily.

Fortunately for you, this article has a detailed review of one of the best budget-friendly yet excellent dryers in the market today.

But first,

What is a vented dryer?

The vented dryer models come with front closed doors. They feature a glass porthole that has a stainless drum behind the fill. The bottom side of the dryer has a fitted lint filter for maintenance purposes. It also holds your laundry in place for drying. The lint can be pushed upwards.

Blomberg DV17542 review

Blomberg DV17542 review

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Looking for a space-saving dryer? The good news is that we have the right dryer for you. At only 23.5 inches wide, 33.5 inches tall and 22 inches deep, this Blomberg DV17542   dryer can be stored in small apartments, condos, and hostels. One more interesting fact about this machine is that it is the only vented compact dryer on the market today.

We have reviewed this dryer in detail to help you make an informed choice right from the start. Here are other robust features of Blomberg DV17542 dryer:

1. Compact

The dryer’s small size is one feature that you can’t get enough of. You can imagine all the 15 dryer’s cycles squished around a small dial! All the buttons are organized in the smartest way ever. The start and end button are almost run into each other.

The machine is designed to fit into any tiny place that you might be having in your home. It can easily fit into a small kitchen.

2. Easy setup

This dryer gives you an easy time. All you need to do is just mount it on the wall and then connect to any 240-Voltage outlet. The power cord comes with 3 prongs for convenience. Load your dryers and experience the dryers top-notch performance.

3. Convenience

Judging the machine’s convenience from the point of ergonomics and controls, the dryer lets you load and unload effortlessly.  The machine boasts a raised edge to contain any spills. Additionally, the door seamlessly clears a tall basket. You will also love the fact that servicing the lint filter is easier than you any have thought.

4. Excellent controls

The machine’s regular cycle takes approximately a minute and a half. In most cases, this is the time frame for any standard dryer.   The appliance boasts several temperature control functions to help you keep your delicate clothes from excess heat that may damage them.

The dryer lacks a dry cycle but the 30 minutes timed dry function can always come in hand. No more standing in front of the dryer just set it and do other tasks, the dryer will automatically go off once drying is completed.

The machine’s counter spins during the drying process. The interior drum will stop several times in a cycle to spin in the other direction to keep your laundry from bunching. This saves you the headache of untwisting your laundry afterward.

The Blomberg DV17542 comes with temperature control cycles that include damp dry, regular dry, regular dry and extra dry.

5. Excellent performance

Blomberg DV17542 is with no doubt a competent dryer. Its temperatures are cool enough on your gentle clothes and your heavy laundry will dry perfectly even though you may need more time for this.

We love the dryer’s versatility; the lengthy cycle’s list counters the lack of controllable customization. The two- way directional drum ensures that your clothes dry evenly.

6. Anti- creasing option

The gentle drum action of Blomberg dryer smooths and separates each garment as they dry so that your clothes come out wrinkle-free once they are dry.

  • This feature keeps the drum rotating for about two hours just in case you are not around, this keeps your clothes from creasing.

The Blomberg DV17542 dryer is all about saving your delicate clothes, your space, and money, nothing less! The dryer is in line with the new UL fire safety standards.

7. Additional features

The BlombergDV17542 features a glass door that protects the appliance from overheating. The child lock ignores alterations to the selected settings.

The machine can be used in a small house since it does not produce distracting noise at all. The dryer is stackable on your washer to save as much space as possible.

What we like about this dry

  • Offers effective drum lighting
  • Excellent sensor drying levels
  • Filter and tank full lights
  • High energy efficiency
  • Low maintenance
  • Several drying options
  • Easy to use

What we don’t like

  • Clothes slightly creased
  • Has fewer features as compared to its competitors
  • It takes longer to complete the cycles.
  • Priced on the lower side


You can simply make your day by purchasing the Blomberg DV17452. You must take your time to go through the features of this dryer above.

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