July 10, 2020

Buyer’s Guide – Central Vacuum Cleaners

You’ve thought about a central vacuum Cleaners system, but you’ve also thought they’re for “someone else’s” home.

True, in their early days, central vacuums were frequently associated with very high-end residences, but sales of these appliances are continuing to rise across the board. In fact, industry experts predict that in a few years, nearly half of all new homes will have them. Don’t put off cleaning with a central vacuum system until tomorrow when you can do it today. A central vacuum system might be just your ticket to less stress with the mess.

Buyer’s Guide – Central Vacuum Cleaners

Carolyn Crocker is director of marketing for H-P Products, Inc., a manufacturer of built-in central vacuum systems, and here she explains the basics of this appliance.

First, how does it work? “Simply plug a hose into the nearest suction inlet—a typical home might have between four and seven—and dirt is swept through a network of tubing and deposited into the removable dirt collection canister that may need emptying three to four times per year.”

What are the advantages of a central vacuum system? “Vacuum power is three to five times greater than portables and the motor is located in a remote area of the home (garage or utility area): Noise reduction benefits are obvious.” Plus, save your workout for the gym. “There’s no need to carry a heavy vacuum up, down and around, so owners may vacuum more frequently,” notes Ms. Crocker.

Clean air is on our minds and should be in our lungs. “Homes are healthier when 100 percent of vacuumed dirt is removed from the living area. It’s common knowledge that ‘regular’ vacuums may send offending dust and allergens flying back into the air,” she says.

Wondering about price? Some purchases are just worth it in the long run. Central systems are traditionally priced and sized according to home size, says Ms. Crocker, and yes, they can be retrofitted into existing homes. The average price for a system installed in a new structure (2,500-square-foot home) is $1,500 to $1,700. “Overall a central vacuum is an excellent value for money, adding to the resale value of the home, and a wise investment central to your home’s environmental friendliness.”

Other central vacuum systems are manufactured by Hoover, Eureka, Electrolux, Beam, NuTone, M&S; Systems, and Lindsay Manufacturing.

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