May 8, 2021

Choosing the right feather pillow for you

A refreshing night’s sleep is important for your psychological and physical health. Biological experts have long since established that people who sleep inadequately and those with insomnia have far weaker immune systems than those who sleep adequately. Because of this and many other reasons, it becomes important for you to obtain a good, refreshing night’s sleep. To achieve this, a cozy and comfy pillow that best fits your unique sleeping style like a glove becomes necessary as well. But with the vast array of pillow types and manufacturers, choosing such a pillow may prove to be a daunting task for you. I  have thus prepared the following to help you chose the perfect sleeping companion.

Choosing the right feather pillow for you

Look at the type of feathers it contains

Pillows are filled with either down or feathers in different proportions. Down is that soft, smooth cotton-like insulation that keeps birds cozy, comfy and warm. It lies beneath the hard outer feathers that you are familiar with. These feathers (down) are extremely soft and fluffy, whilst the outer feathers are harder with sharp unpleasant spines. Hence, the best quality pillows are those that come filled with down. Apart from being obviously more comfy, fluffier and cozy than their hard-feather counterparts, down pillows tend to have greater durability as they tend to retain their original qualities for a much longer time. Usually, such higher quality pillows come with a manufacturer’s warranty thus you can speak your mind out to the manufacturer if the pillow does not perform as described, and probably get a replacement or a refund too!

Test the fluffiness of the pillow

In looking at pillow fluffiness, pillow manufacturers look at what is known as the “Fill Power” of the pillow. Fill power just tell you the total space a single ounce of feathers occupies in the pillow. What is important here is that pillows of higher fill power (or sometimes Fill Factor) tend to be filled with down and/or feathers from an older bird.

  • Higher fill power = Greater fluffiness
  • Higher fill power= Greater durability

Check your pillow cover

You should check to see whether the fabric that covers your pillow is loosely or tightly knit. Obviously, you wouldn’t want those sharp quills jutting out of the pillow, pricking and scratching your smooth skin. The tightly woven fabric prevents this. Also, a covering of tightly-woven fabric feels soft and smooth to the touch, hence ensuring greater comfort for that much-needed good night’s sleep
Check if the firmness and softness of the pillow suit your sleeping style.

Obviously, and as alluded to before, the degree to which a pillow is filled with feathers determines how soft or hard the pillow is. Thus, if you are a side sleeper (like me), you would probably prefer a pillow that is firm enough to prop up your head so that it is at the same level as your neck.

Consider your health and your allergies

Since most allergies are caused by natural allergens, you might probably think that feather pillows trigger allergic reactions more than pillows filled with synthetic material. On the contrary, research has shown that synthetic-material filled pillows contain more allergens than feather pillows. Also, scientists also found out that feather pillows accumulate fewer allergens over time than other types of pillows-further proving how the feather pillow is the pillow of choice.
In any case, if you have allergies I advise that you request a feather pillow with hypo-allergic feathers. These are cleaned of any dust mites, dander, dirt, and other allergens more thoroughly just for you!
Have a good night’s sleep!

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