May 8, 2021

Extra Soft Down Pillow by Exceptional Sheets reviews

Everyone in the world knows Exceptional Sheets that has become a universal manufacturer of outclassing pillows and cushions. You should look at the latest manufacturing items of this firm that is much conscious to deliver the rest and fatigue-free sleep to users rather than a product made of different materials. The shape of the extra soft down pillow is fully traditional, but it is a matchless and industry-leading item in softness and comforts. Furthermore, it seems a conventional bed item, but its specs make it different from others.

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Specification of Extra Soft Down Pillow

Specification of extra soft down pillow carries special information about the composition and structure of the product. Basically, you will read several specs about this product in the following.

  • 80% down and 20% feather
  • Excellent in softness and comforts
  • Filled up with assured-rest down
  • Cotton cover that is smoother for face and stomach
  • Hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial
  • Completely USA made product
  • Easy washable in machine and dryable
  • Little expensive, but carries countless features and benefits for users
  • It plays the best role to heal back, stomach and neck pain.
  • Cambric woven cotton cover and highly durable filled material etc.


General Features of Extra Soft Down Pillow

General features of this specially designed pillow are many in number that invites the attention of everyone. You can use this product for various motives in which curing physical injuries and relieving body pain are major aims. On the other side, this brand comes to international markets with;

  • Hypoallergenic and completely approved material made
  • No bacteria growth
  • Soft from all sides and available in standard size
  • Machine washable makes it much appreciated product
  • Not much expensive, but most customers claim it is costly pillow
  • Satisfaction guaranteed product

Best and Most Interesting Qualities

When you seek a good and ideal pillow to enjoy sound sleep, then you should be much conscious and caring to buy the right product. Although extra soft down by Exceptional Sheets is the best pillow, but still you must see its interesting features that you feel ideal for you. Some most interesting features of this product are;

  • Excellent innovation for stomach and side sleepers
  • It provides good support to the neck spinal and head skeleton.
  • Superb in softness and relieving back and shoulder pain
  • The USA made with guaranteed performance
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Equally useful and beneficial for every sleeper regardless of the sleeping position etc.

Who Needs Extra Soft Down Pillow and When?

By learning the features, specs, and usefulness of this smart pillow, it seems necessary that everyone should prefer this pillow which offers ideal softness and comforts. You will never feel any fatigue if you have just a 3-hour rest over this pillow. It is much comfortable for those who either have some injuries or severe pain in their body parts. It offers a silky touch to face and body. Pregnant women, people having asthma, heart problem, bone fractures, and other aches should use it during night sleep.

Pros and Cons of Extra Soft Down Pillow

Every product in the market gets popularity and good purchase if it carries impressive pros, but the commodities also have some cons which you can never ignore. Extra Soft Down pillow carries following limited pros and cons for customers.


  • Free shipping, but little expensive
  • Filled with microfiber and pure cotton
  •  Softer feather
  • Good to support stomach and neck
  •  Available in several places, but not much common
  • Standard sized pillow is easy to wash in the machine


  • Most people feel it expensive
  • USA made and not common in the rest of the world
  •  Less availability

Customer Score

On Amazon store, you can read about the rate given by customers to this best pillow of extra soft down. In fact, the customers usually give the score to a product on Amazon according to material, size, comforts, features, price and general specs. However, this product has scored 4.2 stars out of 5 on Amazon.

Summary of Amazon Customer’s Reviews

Customers on Amazon regard the best innovation of Exceptional Sheets because this manufacturer has designed it specially and improved the softness by adding cotton and feather. Quality and comforts of this pillow impress every user. While the product becomes trendy by its washable and dryable qualities. These customers admit the performance of an extra soft down pillow and respond with 4.2 stars on Amazon.

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How to Install It?

You can use this pillow beside, along with and under your body, but it will give more comforts and calm if you put it beneath the injured part of your body. Cotton case or cover makes it much flexible and soft for everyone. Anyhow, it is simple to install on a sofa or bed that does not need any special instruction to be followed.


It is concluded that Extra Soft Down pillow is the one which got massive fame in a short timeframe. This product is extraordinary and very special for stomach patients. While, many health professionals and physicians also suggest this pillow to asthma, heart and high blood pressure patients. However, you can use it when you have some pain in your arms, shoulder, neck, head, and back.

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