July 11, 2020

How Do Washing Machines Work?

How do washing machines work? Toploader washing machine? or frontloader clothes cleaner? before making your choice, we will explain to you how both washing machine models work, and how our laundry is washed, cleaned and dried.confused what is spin/dry? what happens when you choose a washing program? lets us dive together in the magic of the amazing washing machines heart.

Washing machines nowadays are a must-have in every house, and we could not live without. And you can imagine how your life will be without this great invention.

But how this metallic box can be a source of happiness and an essential part of our daily routine? and what does exactly to avoid us the hard work of washing clothes by hand?

So let’s discover how exactly washing machines work.

How Do Washing Machines Work

Components of washing machines

At first glance, a washing machine looks like a box with a big drum inside it in which we put clothes and with some magical spins the go out washed and clean!

The reality is that the process of washing clothes is not complicated and there is no magic on it, so let’s dive into it!

The main idea of a cloth cleaner is it flows and spills the clothes in the soap for a while cleans them by spinning at variant speeds then rinsing them with clear water to remove any dirt and soap, then drying them at high-speed rotations. It’s so simple!

The machine is composed of two drums, the inner one, and the outside. The outside drum is not visible to us and its role is to keep the water on the machine while the inner drum is spinning and rotating, the outer drum is impermeable and doesn’t let the water go out or you will not be able to wash your clothes again!

The 2nd drum is the inner drum that you find when you open the lid door of your machine and in which we put our dirty dresses. there are 2 types of inner drums depends on the geographical area the 1st one rotate about a horizontal axis and it has a lot of small holes that permit to water to travel between the inner and outer drum, this type is usually used in Europe

The 2nd one rotate about a vertical axis “Toploader model in which you drop clothes from above”

And the drum doesn’t rotate like the first model but there is an agitator that turns the laundry around in the water

Drums are the most important parts of a machine but there are also some interesting parts that play an important role like

  • The electrical pump that’s drain out the water from the drums once the washing process is over
  • Thermostat it tests the water temperature and regulates it to the required level depending on the program that we set up
  • The programmer defines every process of the washing operation and schedules it ( washing, rinsing, spinning, temperature ..etc)
  • Pipes that separate cold water from the warm one

Programmer or the HEAD of the washing machine

The programmer is the head that controls everything on the washing process also It controls all other components like the pump, drums, thermostat …etc.

So the question is what happens when you set up a program after putting the clothes inside and closing the door?

1–  The programmer opens the valve to allow the water to flood into the drums by passing into the soap cabins

2–  After switching the water valve off and getting the results of water temperature from the thermostat, the programmer turns on the heating process to adjust the water temperature

3–  When the water temperature is adjusted, The programmer orders the inner drum to rotate and spin back and forth to flow and sloshes the clothes with soapy water

4– The rotation of laundry into the soapy water eliminate  the dirt from it and the variation of spinning speeds helps wash the clothes effectively

5– After a lot of spinning the programmer opens the valves to drain water from drums also turns on the electrical pump to throw the water away

6– Then the programmer opens the valve again for clean water to fill the drums again, then orders the inner drum to rotate again to rinse the laundry with the clear water, this process should be repeated several times to get rinse the clothes from the detergent.

7– Now it’s the high-speed time! vroom.. ! the programmer orders the inner drum to rotate “spin” at a high speed to dry the clothes and get rid of the rest of water, this process is like a centrifuge, the rotation speed to dry the laundry depends on the program that you choose.

8– The rest of the water will be removed from the outer drum, the process is over, the clothes are clean,  wait for the washing machine signal then open the drum door and take your precious laundry ! and it’s up to you to completely dry your clothes.


As a conclusion, there are 2 things involved in getting the dirt out of the laundry.

Chemical: When water and detergent dissolve the dirt and it gets gushed out with water instead of sticking to our clothes, that’s why when washing fabric clothes manually it’s sometimes enough to let the laundry in soapy water for a while to get a clean laundry easily.

Mechanical: That happens with a physical agitation “there are different styles of agitation depends on the washing machine model” which provides friction and water flow through and around the fabric.

So the 2 methods combined result in clean laundry and a happy ending, and a process that facilitates our lives and makes it easy.

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