June 16, 2021

What’s the Best Pregnancy Pillow in 2020?

The best pregnancy pillow is one of the most joyful and amazing times in a woman’s life; the ability to create and bring forth life is a gift and a gift that should be cherished forever. But along with the joys and expectations of pregnancy, there are also the undeniable changes that happen in a woman’s body. These are changes that are not just essential in nurturing an unborn child but are also changes that bring about discomfort and pain.
Pregnant women suffer from all sorts of aches and pains as her body adjusts to the many changes of pregnancy and to manage discomfort during these times, possibly one of the most effective products ever invented is the best pregnancy pillow.

What’s the Best Pregnancy Pillow?

A pregnancy pillow is a pillow made exclusively for pregnant women. This kind of pillow is shaped to cradle the pregnant mom’s body with special attention to neck, shoulders, back, hips and thighs since these areas tend to become very painful and uncomfortable as the mother reaches her term.

Pregnancy pillows come in different shapes and sizes. There are pillows that are placed along the nape of the neck to reduce neck pain and discomfort, side pillows to reduce pain and discomfort while on a side-lying position, back, neck and thigh pillows and a total body pillow to reduce aches and pains and ease the discomfort of multiple areas of the body. You can read our reviews about the best pillow for neck pain here.

the Best Pregnancy Pillow

The Best Pregnancy Pillow may also differ from the material and stuffing inside the pillow. Some pillows are made from natural microfibers that easily conform to the woman’s body; this kind of stuffing will conform to the user no matter how many times it is used. Other pillows are made from downy feathers, cotton, and regular foam. But no matter what the material may be pregnancy pillows are meant for improving a pregnant woman’s comfort until she reaches her term.

Why and who uses a pregnancy pillow?

A pregnancy pillow is designed with the body of a pregnant woman in mind, however, the latest pillow designs have become more versatile that these may be used extensively by women till they breastfeed or till they take care of their newborn.

 Pregnant woman in her first and second trimester

Although a pregnant woman’s body is not as large and as heavy as during her last trimester of pregnancy it is crucial to provide comfort during sleep since sleep is very important in the efficient development of the fetus. Women as early as the second trimester may already experience shoulder pains, swelling and discomfort of the lower extremities and back pain. All these may be significantly reduced when a pregnancy pillow is used.

Pregnant woman in her third trimester

As the belly grows larger and heavier placing stress on the back, hips, and shoulders. Standing, sitting and moving all day could be a terrible ordeal for a pregnant woman nearing her term and thus a pregnancy pillow will help reduce pain and discomfort easily.

During the final weeks, sleeping on the back is a nightmare as the large belly presses on the back and even causes inefficient breathing and insomnia. A pregnancy pillow is curved to hug the areas that are prone to discomfort and therefore promotes restful sleep and relaxation for a pregnant woman.

Safety during sleep

Oversized pillows reduce falls and accidents during sleep. Pregnancy pillows are huge and keep the woman resting comfortably in bed and prevent her from sliding off the bed. The large ends could protect the stomach from being hit or bumped by the woman’s companion in bed. The pillow’s back part also protects the spine and the neck.

Perfect for breastfeeding

Pregnancy pillows are specially contoured to cradle a newborn as the mother tries to breastfeed. This kind of pillow has no moving parts or removable parts and thus is safe for a newborn or a baby. It can prop the mother just high enough to breastfeed efficiently.

How to Choose the Best pregnancy pillow for you

the Best Pregnancy Pillow

Now that you have a clear of the pregnancy pillow is and how it is used, here are some points on how to choose the best pregnancy pillow.

  1. It is always a good idea to plan ahead and even when the woman is still in her first and second trimester there is no question that this kind of pillow would be very useful later in her pregnancy. Therefore you should choose pillows that contain materials that could retain their quality and use until the woman reaches her term and beyond. Read online articles and reviews of these pillows so you will get a good idea of what you want to buy.
  2. Try it out! Shopping in an actual store gives you the privilege to try products out. And in shopping for pregnancy pillows, storekeepers and assistants could become easier when you have the ability to feel the pillow in actual too.
  3. Consider the design of the pillow; it should match with your problem areas. Therefore the pillow should envelop the pregnant woman and cradle her but all this time still allows her to move and change positions while she is asleep.
  4. Choose pillows with a removable cover so that you can easily clean the pillow up. There are different outer covers for pregnancy pillows but choose ones that come with replacement covers too. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to wash and to maintain pregnancy pillows and to remember these diligently each time you wash or clean your pillows.
  5. Choose pregnancy pillows that come in different sizes especially when you have a petite frame or if you have a larger than average frame. This will ensure that you will get maximum benefits from your choice. However, if you find it hard to look for pillows that will suit your site, ask for help through the online site’s customer service or from a salesperson from an actual store.
  6. Finally, take time to shop and read reviews, you may also watch videos about the latest pregnancy pillow. Another way to ensure that you are going to purchase the right product is to ask your obstetrician for a professional opinion.

Here is the best pregnancy pillow that you will find in the market today. Take note that these pillows are available online however it may also be bought from an actual shop or retailer. Be sure to rely only on legit retailers and shops. There are a lot of fake pregnancy pillows and sometimes it is impossible to tell the genuine from the fake. To reduce the risk, but only from legit and trustworthy sites.

The Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow


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Leachco is a company that has been making efficient and well-designed pillowcases online. The full body pillow from Leachco called the Snoogle is one of the best-selling pillows online. What makes the  Snoogle one of a kind is its design: it takes the place of different pillows (pillows for the head, side, leg, and abdominal pillows) to support the different areas of the body. And of course, the Snoogle is easy to clean; it has a removable washable cover and maybe air dried too. It can also help ease discomfort during the third trimester without adding body heat and while several pillows could reduce discomfort, the Snoogle won’t move, fall off the bed and won’t get in the way of you and a good night’s sleep.
There is hardly any disadvantage of purchasing the Snoogle

The Snoogle Chic Total Body Pillow

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The Snoogle Chic also comes from Leachco and this time this pregnancy pillow is larger along the legs and the back. This means that it will be able to provide improved comfort and relaxation for the last weeks of pregnancy. The Snoogle Chic provides support from head to toe during and after pregnancy and with its unique C shaped design, it can accommodate a variety of sleeping positions.

This is rated as one of the best pregnancy pillow online also because of easy to remove and put on cotton/polyester jersey knitted cover. You may wash it and air it on the same day and still have your comfortable pillow ready by the time you go to sleep.
The Chic’s disadvantage is that it is too huge and traveling together with this pregnancy pillow is close to impossible.

The Leachco Snoogle Mini Compact Side Steeper


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This pregnancy pillow is a mini counterpart of the Snoogle. While the huge Snoogle is developed to create maximum support from head to toe, the Leachco Snoogle Mini targets the back, shoulders, and sides. It has a versatile design that conforms to the natural shape of a pregnant woman’s body plus it also aligns the hips and joints for easy positioning. This pillow is so convenient it could be used even while nursing since the side support provides ample area where the newborn may be placed.

The Snoogle Mini is also the same as its predecessors; it has a removable and washable cover and even has replaceable covers that may be brought separately. There are hardly any disadvantages in the use of the Mini. It is also available online at Amazon and from other retailer and dealer sites.

Oversized – Total Body Pregnancy Pillow


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This huge and comfortable total body pregnancy pillow offers full support from head to toe. It cradles the body but still allows the user to move about freely without feeling any discomfort. This total body pillow is designed oversized using 100% super soft microfiber polyester shell and fills. It has a zippered cover and thus may be washed and dried accordingly. That is available in two sizes: 19Wx100L and 20Wx130L and therefore will fit women of all shapes and sizes. It can replace a pillow on the head, shoulders, back, sides and on the legs and therefore would be perfect to use every day and night.

The Oversized pillow is easy to use and will conform to any kind of bed and even help moms as they breastfeed after they deliver. There are a lot of great comments about the Total Body Pregnancy Pillow while the cons are mostly due to the size of the pillow; it is comfortable to use but it could be very hard to take anywhere.

Comfort U Total Body Support Pillow


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Another total body support pillow is the Comfort U which is available in three different sizes or styles: one-piece full-size Comfort U pillow, one-piece petite size Comfort U pillow and the three-piece Comfort U pillow. It is made from high-quality cotton with durable and easy to clean cover. The Comfort U is designed to be oversized so that the pregnant mom could stretch out and feel comfortable in any position. It provides comfort and support for the back and front plus offers a neck, shoulders, and hips support as well. It is ideal for sleeping, reading, lounging and nursing a newborn it can also provide comfort while the pregnant woman is nearing her term when sleeping on the back and even on the sides are very uncomfortable.

Comfort U uses Fusion Foss fill, which is a new synthetic polymer that provides support while allowing air to enter the fibers. And so you can use the Comfort U total body pillow all day and it will never flatten or lose its shape or size.

But even with the amazing reviews of this pregnancy pillow, there are still users that find it too large and would be impossible to take anywhere. Yes, it could replace a number of pillows but it could be too stuffy in bed especially when you have a companion or your partner in bed.

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