April 14, 2021

Washing Machine Brands to Avoid (Update October 2020)

WASHING MACHINE BRANDS TO AVOID – This review article gives you the information about washing machine models that you need to avoid purchasing. Washing Machines are not just a necessity, but a luxury to afford as well. Everyone looks for an effortless means to wash their clothes. A washing machine does just that for you. People prefer a washing machine over hand washing, as it saves time and does not require a person to watch over while the clothes are being cleaned. It not only helps in saving time but also reduces the effort of manually scrubbing and washing the clothes. One can use a wash timer function, add the clothes, detergent, and water. This does not require one to stand and observe how the clothes are getting cleaned. Due to such time-efficient features, the washing machine is the most used home appliance world over. 

Washing Machine Brands to avoid

While choosing a brand of the washing machine in the market, one has to make sure it contains all the necessary and new features. New features are being added to washing machines with time, due to increasing customer requirements and market competition. Some important features one must look for in a washing machine are:

Preset functions

It has been designed to make your work easier. With a simple push of a button, the washing machine will automatically wash your clothes, scrub them, and dry them. You can find washing machines providing over 20 different preset functions, depending on the fabric you want to clean and the cleaning process.


The overall built of the washing machine should be strong and sturdy. Make sure that the machine body has a strong build and does not produce any sound due to lose-fitting. This will make sure that the washing machine works for a long time. Weak washing machine bodies can deteriorate with time and cause rust issues. Select a washing machine that has a rust-free material used.

Power Consumption

This has been one of the most demanded and important features of a washing machine. Because of the shortage of electricity and increased electricity bills, people prefer to buy washing machines that are energy efficient. Many companies have also launched machines that could work on the lowest power requirements.


This feature depends entirely on the customer. Washing machines come in a different capacity, depending on the usage of customers.

Washing machine brands you need to avoid.

With so many brands available in the market with multiple features, it is not easy for a customer to decide which one would be perfect for their use. However, we can help you with the choices by letting you know about some brands that you should not go with.

Whirlpool: Model WTW8700EC

Whirlpool Model WTW8700EC

Whirlpool doesn’t need any introduction in the market of home appliances. It is known to be one of the best quality appliance manufacturers. Their washing machine model WTW8700EC, is a top loader, premium offering from Whirlpool. However, it’s not as premium as it sounds. We can control the machine through a mobile application and remote. The mobile application seems to disconnect often and is very difficult to reconnect. The main function of washing clothes is not too great either. You can see a few spots still visible, after a while of washing. The machine looks great from the outside but is not worth the premium price it has.

Danby: Model DWM045WDB

Danby Model DWM045WDB

Danby is a known brand for washing machines. However, this model seems to remove that myth. Danby DWM045WDB has one of the weakest bodies ever. It seems to have a weak built and has received multiple customer complaints about rough washing, which affects the clothes badly. Water leakage issue and no see-through window to check the washing, this machine has a lot of cons than pros. If you are looking to buy a washing machine, then this will be not your choice.

Deco: Model DC 4400 CV

Deco: Model DC 4400 CV

This washing machine from Deco is one of the unsuccessful washing machines in its range. It is a front loader and looks great from the outside. However, there have been multiple companies from customers. Some say, it stops in the middle of washing and displays nothing on the display screen. Some customers have even complained of buttons not working, except giving a beep sound. Overall, it does not seem to be a reliable product and customers should avoid buying this.

Summit: Model SPWD2201SS

Summit: Model SPWD2201SS

We know the summit for manufacturing some great energy-efficient machines. However, it is not the case with this washing machine. This model was meant to be used in compact homes and comes with a hefty price tag. However, the hefty price tag does not mean that it works accordingly. The machine is very slow in washing and drying clothes and almost double the time than an ordinary washing machine. It does not have automatic water cut off feature, which makes it a letdown at such a high price tag. There are much better options on the market at the same price tag.

Electrolux: Model- EFLW317TIW

Electrolux: Model- EFLW317TIW

Electrolux is one of the most known brands in the market with a large offering of electronic appliances. It has always been expected to manufacture good quality and energy-efficient machines. However, the same is not relevant to this washing machine model. The EFLW317TIW had multiple customer issues because of which it has been a major disappointment for customers. The most reported issue was a bad customer care service. Although the company provides customers with a long warranty period, they still had to face a lot of issues while contacting them for service.

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Also We Recommend 6 Washing Machine

1. Giantex portable mini compact twin tub washing machine 

Giantex Portable Mini Compact Twin Tub Washing Machine 17.6lbs Washer Spain Spinner Portable Washing Machine, Blue+ White
  • 【Easy to Operate】: This is our portable mini compact twin tub washing machine which is easy for you to operate. Saving so much time that you don't have to go to a laundry mat or wash things by hand in the tub.
  • 【17.6LBS Large Capacity】: Washing tube: place clothing in the wash tub section, rated washing capacity: 11 lbs. Run the rinse cycle for the desired minutes, Rated spinner dryer capacity: 6.6 lbs (half of the washing capacity, you may spin twice).
  • 【Semi-Automatic Relieve You from Hand Washing】: This washing machine washer timer for 15 min and the spin timer to 5 minutes per load, you could choice the suitable time when washing. Much more freedom and options as opposed to standard washing machines that have preprogrammed settings.

An efficient washing machine is ideal for every house to avoid large workloads. When buying a washing machine, you should consider its portability. The machine should be super light for easy movements. With a lot of corrupted items in the market, where can you find an ideal washing machine? A dependable machine with a fast-spinning rate and large loading capacity. Giantex portable mini compact twin tub washing machine is a super quality tool that will bring relief in your home. This machine has long living high-quality materials and has a reliable loading capacity for home use.

It is feather-light for portability, and a compatible size thus takes a small space of your room. It has a washing power of 300w, and a maximum temperature of 54, thus cleans your clothes in a blink of an eye. Buying this item promises a luxurious time of cleaning your clothes. It is a 100% efficient thus this high performing machine is recommendable for your family. It withstands all the scratches, and of rust-free materials hence it will take ages before it wastes

Think of a machine that has a fast-spinning rate of 1300rpm. Imagine purchasing a washing machine that will clean all the fabrics, including the duvets. If you require all those admirable features then this the machine you should purchase. Besides having a fast-spinning rate, this machine has many more excellent features that you will discover in the next part.

Pros and Features

  • The operation of this machine is straightforward hence good for every member of the family
  • It has a large loading capacity for heavy density cotton clothes
  • Space-saving design thus takes small storage space
  • Fast spinning rate thus takes a short time to dry the clothes
  • It has a good emptying method for the dirty water to avoid messes in the laundry room
  • Super light for portability hence a recommendable item
  • This machine does not use batteries thus low maintenance cost


  • The price of this machine is high

2. Best-Choice-Products-Portable-Capacity

Best Choice Products Portable Compact Mini Twin Tub Laundry Washing Machine and Spin Cycle Dryer w/Hose, 13lbs Load Capacity, Built-in Drain - White/Blue
  • WASH & DRY SIMULTANEOUSLY: Wash a separate load of up to 8 lbs. and spin dry one of up to 5 lbs., or perform the tasks simultaneously to save time during cycles
  • FAST WASH TIME: Timers allow up to 15 minutes per wash and 5 minutes per spin cycle; gravity drain system lets water drain automatically while a filter prevents hair and lint from backing up the drain
  • COMPACT DESIGN: Lightweight and space-saving, with wire organization and a compact build ideal for road trips in your RV or to use in small living spaces like dorms and apartments

Finding a multi-tasking tool can be an advantage to save the extra cost of buying the other item. For example, it is highly recommendable to purchase a washing machine that incorporates a high functioning dryer. Yes, I am fully aware that spotting such a multitasking item is not a simple task, and that made me go a step further. I recommend the best choice products portable compact laundry machine. This machine has the washing and drying functionalities which have top-notch performance. The washing load is up to 8lbs while the drying load is up to 5lbs. Mind you all the functionalities can work simultaneously thus a time-saving machine

Additionally, this high performing machine is super light and very compatible. Hence it is very portable for fast movements and occupies small space in your room. The anti-wrinkling attribute of this machine will be perfect for you. It ensures that your clothes are wrinkle-free after washing and drying. The body of this fast-drying machine is of plastic material, thus last longer and is resistant to scratch. What about maintaining the serene environment?  It is a machine which operates in a silent environment. Thus it won’t distract the silent home environment.

The functioning of this machine is in a top-notch level. It has a spinning rate of 1300rpm and a maximum frequency of 60hz hence. That will take a short time to have your clothes clean and dry. It incorporates very professional features that increase its performance. Moreover, these features are rare in standard machines making it an industry-grade machine. Talk of 5minutes spin cycle, hose for adding and draining water and many more features.

Pros and features

  • It does not require any assembling hence ready for use any time
  • The making material is a durable plastic
  • A super-light machine for fast movements
  • An excellent multitasking machine with a dryer and washing machine
  • Long inlet and draining hose thus very recommendable for a trouble-free home environment
  • The drying tub is of stainless steel thus a stain-free dryer


  • The operation may require some expertise

3. Panda PAN56MGW2 Compact Portable Washing Machine

Panda Portable Compact Top Load Washer, 1.6cu.ft, PAN56MGW2, Rinse, Spin and Drain Fully Automatic Washing Machine 120V, 1.6cu.ft/11lbs Capacity
  • It is a space-saving design which makes your laundry easy and simple. It is perfect for Apartment, RV, Vacation Home, Dorm, and second washer for your house
  • Lager size 1. 6cu. ft. capacity allows you to hold up to 11lbs. of cloth, timeless design, portable and lightweight to carry around, regular 3 prongs 110 Voltage which can be plugged anywhere
  • Electronic controls with LED display. 10 washing programs and 8 water levels, Stainless steel drum is durable and resists rust and chipping

There are a lot of things that you should put in consideration when purchasing a washing machine. How is the design of the machine? Is it compatible space-saving or attractive? Further, it should have a reliable number of washing programs to have super clean clothes. To have all those desirable features in one machine purchase the panda pan56mgw2 compact portable machine. This machine has a space-saving design and occupies small space of the room. Also it has ten washing programs with 100% efficiency. It is a machine that has outstood with expert level functionality and proven to be a reliable machine without disappointments.

Moreover, this machine is professionally manufactured to live for ages. The drum is of high strength steel thus resistant to wear and tear. It weighs 51lbs, therefore, a super-light machine for portability. The loading capacity of the drum can accommodate your duvets, therefore, can clean all the clothes in your room. If you have ever had a constant failing machine you know the necessity of getting a well-constructed washing machine. This machine has a perfect construction to avail solution of a failing machine.

It can be a disappointment to purchase an expensive machine and yet have to spend a lot of dollars when maintaining it. As a precaution, buy a panda compact portable machine that has a power-saving mechanism hence the maintenance cost of the machine is too low. It has a maximum of 8 water levels; thus, your clothes will come out super clean. Further, the operation of this machine is effortless thus can be operated by every family member

Pros and features

  • Ten washing program which promises clean clothes
  • The drum is rust free hence a stainless washing machine
  • Incorporates the LED display technology thus very efficient
  • A high performing machine with eight water levels
  • Space-saving design, therefore, the storage of the device is stress-free
  • The motor ratings are 1320 wats making it a power-saving item
  • The inlet has a quick attaching adapter


  • The operation of the panda compact washing machine may cause some noise

4. Haier HLP21N Pulsator 1-Cubic-Foot Portable Washer

Haier HLP21N Pulsator 1-Cubic-Foot Portable Washer
  • Portable washer with 1-cubic-foot stainless-steel tub for loads up to 6 pounds
  • 3 water levels and 3 wash cycles; electronic controls with LED indicators
  • Quiet operation; cycle-status lights; end-of-cycle signal; adjustable leveling leg

We should observe cleanliness in every aspect of our lives, ranging from our bodies to the clothes we wear. Cleaning of clothes is a bit overwhelming activity, especially with massive loads of clothes. If you are such a person you should consider purchasing a high-quality washing machine which will give luxurious washing experiences. Haier pulsator portable washer is a high level performing machine which will leave your clothes free from dirt in a short time. Why do I recommend this machine? It is a machine that has undergone intensive testing and has given countless number of users a good washing experience

The mode of construction of this washing machine deserves massive credits. It has high strength materials which will ensure it takes forever in your laundry room.  The loading capacity is 6 pounds hence reliable for small families use. Also, this machine produces a thumping sound in the case of an unbalanced load thus you can fix it fast. Imagine a machine which has simple operation. That is an offer in this elegant machine  with the led display for convenience in the laundry room

This machine aims at maintaining a quiet environment with a quiet operation mode. It only has a signal to alert you when the washing cycle starts and when it ends, thus allows multi-tasking in the home. Additionally, it has an adjustable leveling leg to use on raised and lower surfaces. It is a machine which will increase productivity in the home and also ensures the cleanliness of the clothes is optimum. Haier washer has highly improved features that give a good reason why you should give it a trial.

Pros and features

  • A fantastic machine with rolling caster for fast movements
  • Maximum loading capacity of 6lbs suitable for small-sized families
  • Incorporate the latest technology LED display making it more efficient
  • It has an end of cycle signal allowing you to do other activities while cleaning is ongoing
  • A very portable machine due to it’s lightweight
  • Operates in a super silent environment
  • Comes with one year warranty


  • Not suitable for huge sized jeans
  • It is not cost-effective

5. COSTWAY Washing Machine

COSTWAY Washing Machine, Twin Tub 20Lbs Capacity, Washer(12Lbs) and Spinner(8Lbs), Portable Compact Laundry Machines Durable Design Energy Saving, Rotary Controller and Washer Spin Dryer(Grey + White)
  • 【Twin Tub Design】You can operate washer or spinner separately, and you can also run two sides on the same time. The two tub design can meet your different needs, which makes the washing more easy and convenient.
  • 【Effective Performance】With 260W washing power and 140W spinner power, this washing machine works highly efficiently. And the large capacity of 12 lbs per wash and 8 lbs per spin helps to support your busy life.
  • 【Separate Time Setting】This washing machine has separate timer control settings for washer and spinner operations: 15 minutes for washing and 5 minutes for spinning. You can set the time according to the amount of your clothes, and it can help you save much energy and time.

We spend a lot of energy and many hours under the scorching sun to earn a living. Imagining of your hard-earned money you should ensure that you spend it effectively. If you have to purchase an item ensure it is durable, high performing and pocket-friendly not to inconvenience the tomorrows budget. For example, you will require a washing machine in your home to reduce the home workload. Therefore you should ensure it is very affordable durable and gives dirt-free clothes. Cost way washing machine is an every home tool that will meet all the expectations and keep your home clean. It is an item you will find in many homes due to its enhanced features which increases its functionality. It has separate timer controls 15 minutes for washing and 5 minutes for spinning.

This machine is perfect for limited space laundry. It has a rectangular shape which makes it occupy small space. The most lovely thing about cost way washing machine is the drainage tube which is strategically positioned to avoid messes. This high performing washing machine is elegantly fashioned to stay. It has super durable, making materials that are resistant to harsh conditions for longevity. If you are questioning the price of this machine, you are in for a shock. This machine has a super friendly price tag

Have you heard or seen a machine that turns your laundry into an industry? If not this the one. It has an industry level functioning to make a massive load of clothes clean in a short while. The powerful features and the fantastic design of this washing machine earns it a high performance and reliability. It incorporates every excellent feature to make your busy schedule raging from the large loading capacity to a fast spinning rate

Pros and features

  • The washer and the spinner has separate operations and can run simultaneously
  • Motor ratings are 260w thus a power-saving washing machine
  • The spinner power is super high for efficiency and time saving
  • Huge loading capacity of 12lbs thus can allow large density clothes such as duvets
  • It has a super compatible design therefore effortless storage
  • A cost-effective washing machine with industry-level performance
  • Long inlet and draining hose hence a stress-free item


  • The spin dry feature requires some enhancement for complete moisture-free clothes

6. ROVSUN Portable Washing Machine

ROVSUN 16.6LBS Portable Washing Machine w/Twin Tub Electric Compact Mini Washer, Energy/Space Saving, Laundry Spin Cycle w/Hose, Perfect for Home RV Camping Dorms College
  • ★TWIN TUB CLEAN WASHING: Compact but able to fit in a decent sized load of clothing, you will amazed at how clean it getting everything, perfect for washing various clothes, like T-shirt, socks and trousers etc.
  • ★PORTABLE CAPACITY: The capacity of total laundry 16.6lbs(washer:10lbs,spinner: 6.6lbs), Featuring Spin Wash and Spin Dry,washing and dehydration functions can be used at the same time.What's more,stainless steel washing dewatering cylinder for its upgraded quality.
  • ★EASY OPERATION:1300RPM motor with a voltage frequency of 110V/60HZ, Allowing you to simply put in your load of clothes and fill with water, then set the timer and start washing.Washer control timer runs for up to 15 minutes while the spin cycle timer runs for up to 5 minutes each load.

Thinking of the tiresome hours we spend in our working place, we should ensure that all our home tools are stress-free. They should be 100% efficient and have fab working. Let them ease your time in your homes and serve their purpose to the maximum. When it comes to cleaning the clothes, you require a trouble-free washing machine with a fast-spinning rate and a high frequency. Finding such a machine may not bear fruits, and that is why I made efforts to recommend such a reliable machine. Rovsun 16.16lbs portable washing machine is a dependable machine which will give a tranquil washing experience.

First, this machine has a large loading capacity of 16.6lbs.  The enormous drum capacity is useful when cleaning heavy clothes and industry use. The performance of this machine is beyond the standard level. It has a fast spin wash and dry feature for tremendously clean and moisture-free. Besides, the spin wash and spin dry functionalities can work simultaneously. If you got the fear of wrinkled clothes, then you should not. It is an anti-wrinkling washing machine to avail of wrinkle-free clothes.

Moreover, the operation of this machine is straightforward. The starting knob is simple to turn and do not require any expertise. Thinking that it will take all your space, then you are wrong. It has an accommodative shape making it recommendable if you do not have a large laundry room. Discover the improved feature of this washing machine, and you will love it more

Pros and feature

  • A cost-effective washing machine
  • Avails clean and dry clothes simultaneously
  • Spinning rate of 1300rpm hence a dependable item
  • The operations are stress-free therefore fit for a busy user
  • Space-saving design for trouble-free storage
  • The drum constructing material is rust-resistant


  • Operates in a noisy environment
  • Draining hose is not long enough for large distances


The list above highlights a lot of issues that the customers have faced with a few washing machine brands. Therefore, a customer should go through customer reviews and detailed technical specifications to make sure that their investment on such machines is safe. Our list has a combination of different brands or models that you should not buy. You can also consider these features while purchasing any other brand of the washing machine. It will help you to look for the defects that are already prevailing on some brands.

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