July 10, 2020

What Are The Best Washers and Dryers To Buy?

Being a smart buyer means that you know how to choose the best items for your home.  For example, when buying a portable washing machine you should be aware of what to look into.  So, what are the best washers and dryers to buy? There are several washers and dryers in the market which makes it even harder for one to choose easily.

What Are The Best Washers and Dryers To Buy in 2020?

Here is  our list of the top 5 washer and dryers to help you reduce the struggle for selecting the right one:

1. Giantex portable mini compact twin tub washing machine

Giantex portable mini compact twin tub washing machine

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A twin tub washer lets you start a new load while extracting excess water from the previous load. This Giantex portable mini portable is not any different! For a small portable washing machine, this Giantex washer features a large capacity and a powerful motor.

The machine’s washing capacity is 11lbs while that of its dryer is 6.6lbs. This is large to take care of a small family laundry needs. The washing time is 15 minutes and that of the spin is 5 minutes. Even though, by using the control panel you can set the time for your washing. With 300W of power on the pulsator, there is no doubt that your clothes will be sparkling clean in the end.

The spinner has its motor that is 110W, quite impressive for fast drying. The spinner rotates at a rapid speed of 1300RPM and because of this, the door is protected by a plastic cover to avoid the clothes from knocking against it.

The washer comes with a lint trap and a gravity drain. It also features a filter net on the side of the washing barrel which you can use to store dirty when doing your laundry. The barrel can be easily pulled off when cleaning the tube.

You will love how effortless it is to use the control panel. Set the timer on each side of the machine to customize your washing. Monitor your laundry progress through the transparent lids.

  • The washer is lightweight and compact. This makes it easier for you to move them around the house. The washer measures 24.8 by 14 by28.4 inches. At only 29.3 pounds, it is unlikely that you will struggle to move your washer around.

Assembling this washer is so easy; all the accessories are included in the package!  You will find a 44.5-inch long inlet pipe that can is to be connected on either side of the washer. The washer also includes a 20.5-inch long drain hose that drains water downwards by use of gravity. The power cable can be plugged into any 110 V power outlet.

This washer comes at an affordable price and has all the necessary features that are needed for excellent washing.


  • Excellent performance
  • Easy to use
  • Large washing and drying capacity


  • Noisy

2. Panda 3.75 cu. Ft compact laundry dryer

Panda 3.75 cu. Ft compact laundry dryer

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At 48lbs, this panda compact dryer is heavier than the previous version but easy to move around. The 220 W dryer may take longer to dry your clothes but is always a good option when not in a hurry.

The drum is made of stainless steel to ensure that your clothes are not discolored.  It also features a transparent lid that makes it easy for you to monitor your laundry progress. The heating setting buttons include high and low automatic shut off options.

You get a mounting kit upon buying this dryer. Mount it on the wall and create space on the floor, a quite great feature for people living in small spaces such as dorms and condos.

Plug it into any120V power outlet and get started. It comes in black and white in color. Get a one- year warranty upon purchase of this dryer.


  • Made of stainless steel
  • Lightweight for easy portability
  • Mounting kit for attaching the dryer to the wall


  • Takes too long to dry clothes due to its 110V power
  • Quite noisy during operation

3. Best choice products Portable compact twin Tub laundry machine and spin cycle

Best choice products Portable compact twin Tub laundry machine and spin cycle

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The best Choice products are never a letdown! This compact twin tub lets you wash and dry simultaneously thus saving you time for other tasks.

  • The washer is 8 lbs and the dryer 5lbs meaning that you can wash and dry a medium load of load at ago.

The combos can be set to dry wash your clothes in record time.  Allowing up to 15 minutes for the washer and 5 minutes for the spinner, you can see the convenience that this washer comes with.

  • The machine’s drainage system is efficient in draining out dirty washer by use of gravity. Also included is the lint that prevents lint from backing the drain.

Move this washer around without breaking your back. It is extremely lightweight and space-saving. You can pack it up for road trips and camping. It measures 23 by 13.5 by 26 inches and weighs 13 lbs.

This 300W machine is extremely powerful and gives the desired results without putting a strain on your delicate clothes. You will not have to worry about waking up your neighbors, this washing combo is extremely quiet.

The stainless steel tube protects the washer from mold- build-up.  The material is also durable.


  • Large capacity
  • Easy to use
  • Quiet during operation
  • Excellent performance


  • none

4. Portable washing TG23-Twin Tub washer

Portable washing TG23-Twin Tub washer

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The TG23 portable washing machine is perfect for anyone looking for performance and portability in one machine.

The machine comes with a washing tub and a spin tub with a washing capacity of 3.6 kg and a spin capacity of 2kg. You will love the fact that each tub has separate timers and the washtub has different wash modes.

This combo is easy to use, simply toss in your dirty laundry, water, and detergent and set your machine to wash. The device’s wash cycle runs up to 15 minutes on either a soft or normal wash, while the spin cycle can run up to 5 minutes.

  • At only 11kgs, this appliance is perfect for individuals living in small areas or those that love traveling and camping.

You will get the water fill hose in the box upon purchase. Also in the box is a fully translated manual that is easy to read and comprehend.


  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Portable
  • Highly durable
  • Utmost performance


  • Quite noisy during operation

5. COSTWAY Electric Compact Laundry Dryer, 10LBS

COSTWAY Electric Compact Laundry Dryer, 10LBS

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Enjoy this powerful 850W power dryer’s unmatched performance. With 10 lbs capacity, your clothes will dry well and remain fresh.

Set your timer according to your clothes weight and material. The cool dry function runs from 0-20minutes while warm dry runs from 30-120 minutes. On the other hand, the hot dry function runs from 120-200 minutes. The machine dries your clothes with intervals of warm air and ensures that your clothes are properly spaced out to prevent wrinkling.

You will love the dryer’s quiet design,  you can be sure that it won’t have any effect on your conversations or wake your sleeping individual.

  • Made of stainless steel, this washer does not only look good but also lasts years to come.
  • The dryer weighs 37lbs which makes it highly portable. It is, therefore, perfect for dorms, condos, and apartments.

This home appliance can be mounted on the wall or simply placed on the firm horizontal ground or even mounted on a rack!


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Excellent performance
  • Energy efficient


  • None

5 things to know when buying a washer and a dryer

You may have heard marketer boast about how long their washing machine and dryers last! In recent times, you will notice that more cycles and features have been added to the washers and dryers.

Perhaps the most obvious thing that most individuals notice with the new washers and dryers is the large capacities and high prices. Here are  5 things that you need to be aware of today’s washers and dryers:

1. Be aware of high-efficiency dryers

No doubt drying your laundry uses more energy than just washing it.  You will come across several dryers claiming to be energy efficient! Those claims remain just that! You must know that there are two different types of dryers, one type uses thermostat while the other uses moisture sensors. Remember the moisture sensors are not new in any way, your dryer is likely to have them even if it is not labeled energy-efficient!. To be on the safer side, choose a dryer with just a moisture sensor.

2. Moisture sensors, what about the small loads?

As you may already know the dryer’s moisture sensor detects how damp the laundry is and makes adjustments to the drying time accordingly. They also prevent overdrying of the fabrics thus saving you money. The sensors dryers are an improvement over thermostat dryers and they run longer.

Each dryer in the market is designed to handle a full load, this means that the machine is likely to shut off if you toss in small loads. This is because the clothes do not touch the sensor often enough. A timed- dry- cycle function is your savior when tossing in small loads in sensor dryers.

3. Difficult to reach laundry with bigger capacities

The most common way that manufacturers increase their washer and dryer capacity is by making the tubs taller. You will notice that most washers in the market today are quite tall than those previously available.

It is quite unfortunate that petite individuals might have to dive to fetch their clothes from the washers. This is an important factor to keep in mind. Always check the capacity of the washers and the height of those that will be using it in your household.

4. Big capacities but long wash time

Both front loaders and top loaders are quite excellent at cleaning. Front-loaders use less water than conventional top-loaders hence being the reason why most manufacturers are opting for larger capacities so that you can do more laundry at ago.

5. Damage to your waterproof items

High- efficiency top loaders washing machines use less water and spin quite fast than the regular top loaders. The fast-spinning means more water extraction hence less drying time. The machine is likely to be damaged when the water gets trapped in your waterproof items leading to the shaking of the machine. One thing you have to keep in mind is that the manufacture’s instruction on waterproof items differs from one brand to the other.

Our final thoughts

We hope that we answered your question; what are the best washers and dryers to buy today. The above comparisons will be highly helpful to pick the best machine depending on your laundry needs.

It is important to purchase from verified vendors in order to reduce the chances of buying a low-quality item. You may also ask for expert advice when shopping for a washer or a dryer. Also, remember to compare various prices so that you do not end up spending more than you intended.

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